Small Army

excuse my lack of header. I’m going to re-do it. It was ugly. I wish I could pay someone to make me one.

I have a confession: I’m worn out. Some days I really wish I worked from home.

We have been insanely busy at work. It’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I’m always playing catch up. I’m never caught up with anything, and that is a bad feeling. My normal work schedule is 9-5, or 9-4, depending on the day. Today I went in @ 8:15 because I feel like I’m not getting enough done.

We are seeing patients every day this week, which is good, but again, I’m not getting a whole lot done. It’s just me in the office. This means, I, register, bill, vitals, assist, schedule, do referrals. You name it, I do it. We’ve gotten 4 new referrals this week, and I’ve scheduled numerous CT scans/aspirations/other Dr. appts. I love my job, I really do, but OMG I’m beat.

I’m ready for the weekend. I can’t believe it’s only Thursday tomorrow, it definitely feels like Friday to me.

Today is a rest day. Fine, I was supposed to do some upper body stuff but I opted not to. I’m in the process of cleaning the house instead. It’s a Wreck, with a capital W.

I had some chicken in the fridge that needed to be used so with a quick googling of chicken stir fry I came up with THIS recipe and got to work.

When I cook, unless I’m baking, I rarely follow the actual measurements. I mean c’mon, 1 cup of broccoli. I don’t want to measure out a cup of broccoli. I tend to just chop until I think it looks like enough. I always end up with a lot of vegetables. Nothing wrong with that, right? We are ballers on a budget so if I make extra that means we will have leftovers for lunch tomorrow! (My budget thanks me).

But, since I don’t measure out things my frying pans tend to look like this:

stir fry

Seriously? How many people am I feeding here? Oh, and there was some white rice in a separate pot. Chris likes white rice with stir fry, I skipped out. #bikinibodychallenge.

The good news there will definitely be lunch tomorrow from that mess of veggies & chicken. I must admit it was pretty dang tasty too!

It was pretty easy. The worst part was chopping up all the broccoli, celery, onion, green peppers & carrots.

The other good news: I used my last green pepper, the rest of the chicken, and I’m almost out of broccoli. I’ll pack the rest in Chris’ lunch tomorrow for a snack.

I am happy to report that I’ve weeded out all the crackers/cookies that I was packing in Chris’ lunch. They’ve been replaced by fruits/veggies, and healthier crackers. Some flatbread things I bought from Publix. I didn’t like them, but he likes them. He either likes them or he throws them away every day. Ha Ha Smile with tongue out 

According to the running schedule I made for this week I am due to run 7 miles tomorrow. I didn’t put a pace down. I think I’ll try to do 3.5 @ half-marathon race pace, which is 8:46.

I hope my legs will be well rested and I’ll have a successful run. After the half marathon I am going to seriously start research running. It’s becoming quite obvious that I know very little about what I’m doing, and what I should be doing. I might become BFF with Runnersworld.

Happy Hump Day Y’all



5 thoughts on “Small Army

  1. heeeyy what did you do for a sauce?! I was literally thinking about doing a chicken stirfry tomorrow (Thurs) for dinner but was going to have to go look up a sauce. So hurry up and tell me so I can use yours! haha

    • Soy Sauce, Ginger, garlic powder & corn starch. This recipe says to cut up the chicken into strips, put them in a ziploc type bag, then add the soy sauce, ginger, garlic & cornstarch. Shake it up, then let it sit in the fridge while you chop up everything else.

      I had to add more soy sauce to the chicken when it was cooking. It was to dry. I also added more soy sauce while the veggies were cooking. You cook the chicken first, move from the frying pan. Cook veggies, then add the chicken and cook them together for a few minutes. SUPAH easy! Call me if you need anything!

  2. That stirfry looks amazing!

    You’ll have to keep us updated on what you find out in your running research. I read RW and I’ve read several running books, but it seems like I run into contradicting advice, or I find good advice that I just don’t or can’t follow. I’m definitely always on the lookout for good running advice.

  3. Looks yummy! I love stirfry. One ingredient that I love it sesame oil. Very flavorful and a teeny tiny bit goes a long long way, but it’s yummy.

    I always end up cooking for a small army. But since we have a small army it makes sense. And I try to make enough for leftovers for the hubby’s lunch the nest day.

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