Obligated to talk about me

It’s Tuesday Y’all. We are one day closer to the weekend. I already have plans for my weekend, ha ha. I was planning this weekend yesterday. The weather has been so amazing here I think I need a beach day.

I believe I’ll go to the beach after my last long run on Saturday. Chris said I can take a dip in the ocean and that will count as my ice bath. I’m not sure what the water temperature is but I know it’s not warm enough for this Florida girl to be swimming around in. He might be right about it being pretty cold!   (Anyone want to go to the beach? Clearwater, St. Pete, Honey Moon Island?)

Two awesomely cool bloggers , Courtenay & Heidi awarded me with the Stylish blogger award. Now, we all know I’m far from stylish, but what the heck, I’ll take it!

Here are the rules:

1 – Thank and link back to the one who awarded you
2 – Share 7 things about yourself
3 – Pass the award on to some awesome blogs
4 – Contact said bloggers and let them know they are awesome

I’ve been thinking about what 7 things I could tell you since last night. I think I’m a pretty open book on my blog and I’m not sure what I haven’t already told you. I think that might be bad.

1. Seeing, holding, cuddling, smelling babies does not make me want a baby. at all. I think that might be abnormal.

2. I will not fart in front of Chris. (I can’t believe I’m even typing this). If I do fart around him, and I think he heard, I will tell him before he has a chance to say anything about it. (Weird, right, we’ve been together 6yrs)

3. I wish I could live on a boat in the Bahamas. My Dad always talks about buying a big boat and just moving to the Bahamas and living on it. I think I could totally pull off some Bahamian Dreads. I’d be like the girl in Kenny Chesney’s song Boston (not the music video, there isn’t one, but it’s the song w/ lyrics)

4. I really love motorcycles. Loving motorcycles shouldn’t even belong in my head since I have an abnormal fear of death, but I do. I just love them. Something about being out in the open cruising down the road is just amazing.

5. I’m naturally attracted to anything that wears boots, wranglers and drives a big truck. Or, drives a motorcycle. Snazzy cars don’t do it for me. Dirty old lifted truck, score!

6. Chris & I broke up for 5 months before we got married. worst.time.ever. I grew up a lot in those 5 months, and found great friends, but it sure was hard. I got down to 117lbs. skeletor.

7. My Mom almost fell over when she saw the trailer that Chris & I moved into back in 2006. She couldn’t believe her “princess” would ever live there. She knew I was in Love then. (Hi Mom!)

8. I’m doing 8. Get over it. I frequently wear mis-matched socks. My dogs eat my socks and I don’t have actual pairs. Sometimes I have pairs, but they are different colors from the same group. Don’t judge me.

This was fun. Made me late for work, but it was fun.

Crap. I have to tag some awesome bloggers.

Tropical Eats – Shannon is a FL girl living in New York City!
Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well. – Carolyn is totally cool. Triathlete? Check. Vegan? Check. iPhone blogger extraordinaire? Check  (bahahahaha)

Brie-Fit – Brie, is a kick ass girl who just ran the Disney Princess!

I seriously do not have time to link more bloggers. I know that is so lame, but I need to be leaving my house like now and I’m still in my pajamas with my make up half done. Oops.

Happy Tuesday Y’all


6 thoughts on “Obligated to talk about me

  1. Yay for another stylish blogger! I totally agree with you on #1 – I’m hoping that someday if we have our own kids I will change my tune. I honestly don’t even think most babies are cute at all. I must be abnormal too 😀

  2. I *heart* you! Loved your 7 things! I am not a baby fan either. We can be abnormal in this world together.

    Hey…guess what…just got back from the chiropractor…it’s my BUTT. YEP.

    I’m writing my post now.

  3. Pingback: Stylish Blogger | Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.

  4. Boots and Wranglers…swoon!

    However, The Husband is a sports car kind of guy…now we all know why I want to move out West – I’ll get to check out my version of eye candy! 😉

    My socks need to match, I’m OCD like that! Of course if Fred started eating my socks I’d be really worried!

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