Feelin’ good

I am on a running high right now.

I think about running a lot during my day.

I think about my goals for my upcoming half-marathon. It’s hard not to get all sorts of crazy goals in my head.

I’m trying to keep them in check and be realistic.

It’s hard.

I’ll post my real goals next week.


Today I kept thinking about the run that was on my schedule for tonight. 5 miles @ an easy pace of 9:15. I was looking forward to it. Looking forward to getting out and running. I was a little worried because I thought I kept feeling some pain in my right metatarsals. I was worried my hips would start hurting again.

I kept psyching myself out all day long. I paid special attention to how I sat in my desk chair. I didn’t want to sit the wrong way and tweak something. I felt like a crazy person all day long.

I ended up not having time to run outside before it got dark. So, I had a date with the treadmill. Initially I wasn’t dreading it, then when I looked and it only said 2.2 miles and I felt like it should say 4.2 I started to get antsy.

I had planned on doing 5 miles @ a 9:15.  This is what actually happened:

.5 @ 10:00
1.5 @ 9:15 (boredom is really starting to sink in)
1.5 @ 8:30
.5 @ 8:15
1 @ 7:47

Total: 5 mi @ 8:52

That last mile @ 7:47 was killer. I never felt like I was going to die, but it was tough. I was dripping sweat like I had just stepped out of the shower (gross).

Right after my run I did 15 push-ups, then stretched and foam rolled.  felt.so.good.


For dinner we had some super awesome soup that I found on Running Around Normal a month or so ago. This is the 2nd time we’ve had this soup. It is sooooo good. Chris & my Dad even said it was really good. Score!

That’s all tonight friends, I’m tired as heck and I stink.


Happy Monday Y’all


5 thoughts on “Feelin’ good

  1. Can you come make me some soup? My last attempt at soup failed, miserably. I’ll trade you soup for cookies…

    PS – I tagged you in the “stylish blogger” award that is circulating the blog world…if your interested it is in today’s post.

    • I would gladly make you some soup, and for cookies, yay! The soup I made last night was so simple. Seriously. Chop up some veggies, throw in some chicken broth and tomato paste (or sauce since I was out of paste) and boil. That’s all I did. easypeasy.

  2. Nice run!

    I’m a ball of nervous energy too. I have a 10k coming up on Sunday, then my next half the week after that. I must play with the McMillan calculator a 100 times a day.

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