Perfect Sunday

I had every intention of getting up early this morning and going to Clermont for church & lunch with my family. But, I forgot to set the alarm and I didn’t wake up until 8:00. Unfortunately it’s an hour & a half drive and we would have to be ready and out the door by 8:30. Not happening.


We got up and made some yummy blueberry pancakes. Then, I sat on the couch and fell asleep. I napped off and on until about 12. What a lazy bum. We watched TV for a little while then we decided we were sick of sitting in the house and we wanted to go walk around the Weeki Wachee Preserve.


We walked a total of 5 miles and looking at that map we didn’t cover hardly any land. Next time we are going to take bikes out there so that we can cover more of the land. Chris wants to go out there and go fishing. It’s a bunch of old mine lakes that are probably loaded with fish. We talked to a guy out there who said they haven’t always allowed fishing, so Chris is hoping that means there are lots of fish out there.

048031032excuse my face & my hair. It was so windy and my glasses make my eyes looks crazy.


039mine 1

042We saw this trail that goes to the top of a big hill. We thought we would climb it.

Here is a silly video of me walking up the trail. I thought it would be a lot harder and steeper than it was. There was a trail on the other side that was much steeper but we just walked down it. Maybe next time we’ll climb up it.


View from the top of the hill. We could actually see the Gulf of Mexico from where we were sitting!!


After our walk we came home and started our fancy dinner of tuna & egg sandwiches. Ha Ha. They were yummy and easy!

I’ve been wanting a re-match with Mama Pea’s Vanilla Wafers for a few weeks now. Tonight was my night.


SUCCESS!! Next time I’ll put more vanilla in them. They tasted more like sugar cookies than vanilla wafers.

In running related news my legs are feeling pretty good. Surprisingly good considering my run yesterday. More proof that ice baths do work.

March 7-13

Mon:  5mi easssssy 9:15//upper body/core
Tues: 5mi @ 8:30
Wed: Rest//yoga//upper body/core
Thurs: 7mi
Fri: Rest//upper body/core
Sat:10mi @ 8:55

Total: 27

I can’t believe after this week it’s a taper week  (how much could I really taper? I don’t run that much to begin with) Then it’s half-marathon time!

I think I might actually be sad when half-marathon training is over. I’ve actually been enjoying the longer distance runs. Should I keep them up even after training is over? Here is my thinking: If I keep up the longer distance, then I can work on speed and not have to worry about building my miles back up for the fall half-marathon that I’m not going to run (ha).

I’m tired y’all. My run Bed time.

Happy Sunday Y’all

8 thoughts on “Perfect Sunday

  1. I looks like you had an awesome walk – it is beautiful!

    I’d keep your long runs even without a training plan. I’m thinking about the same thing – there are a lot of half marathons coming up but I’m not really in a position to throw a bunch of money at race fees, but I’d like to keep my long runs. Its okay to be that person that goes out for a 10 mile run on Saturday just for fun…right?

    • I got sunburnt on our walk!! Crazy! I definitely am going to keep my long runs, ah! I’m really excited about running right now, so hopefully that will get me through the hell that is summer here! It’s definitely okay to be the person that goes for a 10mile run on purpose even though we aren’t training for anything specific!

  2. Yes Jena, after Fort Desoto, I would encourage you to consider a weekend plan that goes something like 10/12/10/12. Due to the increasing heat, run those mostly at a moderate pace with maybe a couple tempo miles thrown in. Not only will that help keep you super fit all summer but will position you to consider 3-4 well executed half marathons next fall/winter 2011/2012. I think you should think about what it will take to get to the 1:49:49 milestone.

    • Thanks Paige. Those glasses make me look crazy,but my contacts drive me bonkers too. I have the worst trouble getting them out. I end up digging in my eye for like 5 minutes. ew.

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