18 days

It was lonely around here yesterday. Chris wanted to go out to dinner to “celebrate” me finishing school. That and it was AYCE ribs at Sonny’s. Remember over the weekend he wanted some AYCE ribs?  So we went to dinner, and then came home and watched Social Network. All I have to say about that movie is, "HUH?”

I suppose it would have been helpful if I actually knew what the movie was about. Sure, I knew it was about Facebook, but I had NO IDEA that all of that other stuff went down. I didn’t know any of the history behind FB, so I was lost for a little while during the movie. It took me a while to figure out that there were two separate lawsuits. I wasn’t that into it.

Then, Chris started getting sick. He said he thought had food poisoning. This was at like 9pm last night. It’s 7:30pm right now, and he is still sick.Whatever he has is nas-tay. I feel so bad that he is so sick and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Sad smile


Since we went out to dinner last night I didn’t run and decided I would switch my rest days. I ran 4 miles tonight and it felt good.


After my run Monday was just kind of blah, I wanted a stronger/faster run today. I think I achieved that. My legs were feeling tired, and my shins were screaming but I pushed through it and they eventually warmed up and stopped hurting. I don’t really know why, but on most of my training runs it takes my legs 1-2 miles to really get warmed up and into the run. Annoying. I also normally let that pain prevent me from running a strong/fast run. I settle for a mediocre run and don’t really push myself. I have to stop that. If I want to be a better, and faster runner I have to have stronger and quicker training runs.

Now that I’m done with school  I plan on reading up on researching, and reading some running books. I know there are quite a few books out there. Any suggestions?

My half is 18 days away and I’m feeling good about it!


3 thoughts on “18 days

  1. Great run Jena… that is why you achieve good results at races. I need to pick up my game. I know I said I’m done, but I’m not. I’ll be back. ha ha ha ha (I just said that in my best Terminator voice).

    Is Chris still sick? Poor guy.

    And what the hell are AYCE ribs?

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