It’s March, and that means….




I started a new blog to document my journey to my Bikini Body.  The challenge starts tomorrow March 1st, and “ends” July 1st. I hope by then whatever I’m doing is a habit, and that it won’t actually end.

Oh dear.


This means I really have to do this.


Yesterday my hip was hurting and I told myself that if it was bothering me today I would not run. My half-marathon is only 3 weeks away and I don’t have time to over do-it, and get injured.

Thankfully my hip was not bothering me at all, so I felt running would be okay.

I had 4 miles planned.




What the heck legs? They just hurt. Shins hurt? Check. Quads hurt? Check.

I stopped to stretch several times.

Oh, let’s not forget the 100mph headwind.


Oh well. I got it done.


Surprising. I felt like I was crawling.


After  I ran I stayed down in the garage and did a few more little things to kick off my bikini body challenge.

I did 2 minutes of standing punches. If you’ve ever done Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, she does them there.
200 jump ropes, JM also does these in 30DS.
10 “guy” push ups.


Happy Monday Y’all


2 thoughts on “It’s March, and that means….

  1. That’s exciting that you’re doing the Bikini Body Challenge. It is tempting for me, but I’m scared to post my pictures on the internet + I may have too much on my plate already. Good luck!

  2. Good luck with the challenge! I’m sure you will do great. Nice job getting through a tough run, I’m sure your legs are still recovering a bit from that awesome PR this weekend.

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