How was your weekend? Anything exciting? Long runs? Work outs? Or just laying around in your PJs all day?

I think I still have a runners high from my awesome Gasparilla race. I’m trying really hard not to just do a happy dance all over the house. I just want to shake my butt and fist pump.


I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon on the couch with Chris. I did manage to get up for a few minutes to sweep the floor and pickup a few thing. Chris told me every hour for several hours that he wanted to go to Sonny’s for dinner to have ribs. I didn’t want to, but finally after some discussion we agreed to go to Cody’s for dinner and we would go to Sonny’s when they have the AYCE Ribs special. Fat kids, aren’t we?  I love me some ribs.

We went to Cody’s and I ate pretty much everything in site. It went like this:

Peanuts (they are one of those restaurants that lets you eat peanuts and throw the shells on the ground)
2-4-1 Malibu & Pineapple
More peanuts
Bread & the most amazing cinnamon butter
more peanuts
Ribs. – I ordered a half rack and ate about 3 ribs off of it. They were so dry. ick. I was sad.

Then, to top off the sodium bloat we went to wal-mart and bought Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I had Cookie Dough.

OH YAH, sodium bloat.

I woke up feeling fat and not happy this morning. {sad face}.

I got up early {7am} to do some cleaning because my BFF, her man, and her new little baby K were coming over. YAY! Sooooo excited.

We had an incident with our dogs & the neighbors dogs.. Which has me so worried. No one was injured. I’m also not going to give any details.


I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for home made pizzas. I think I must be a weirdo because I totally enjoy making home made pizza dough. I just love the whole process of it. It’s fun.

We spent the day just lounging around the house and catching up. Baby K is the sweetest, cutest, tiniest baby EVER!!!!!!!!! even if she did puke down my shirt.

She is so tiny, like, little. I think D said she is around 9lbs something…and she was born January 13th. I can’t believe babies come out bigger than that when they are born. OUCH!!

Since I unofficially officially joined this Bikini Body Challenge that Yum Yucky is doing I decided I need to google some upper body weight routines that can be done at home. I haven’t done it yet, it’s on my list of things to do tonight after work. {because I TURNED IN MY LAST SCHOOL ASSIGNMENT LAST NIGHT..OH YAH, OH YAH!!!}

So yah. I need to add a little something, something to my working out.


Monday: 4mi
Tuesday: 4mi/ upper body workout in the A.M
Wed: Yoga
Thurs: 6mi speed work out of some kind {AH!}
Fri: 2 mi easy @ 9:15 Rest
Sat: 13milesOMG
Sun: total body rest day. Will probably be spent on the couch icing various body parts.


Last night I spent several hours doing my very last coding assignment for school. I was so determined to get finished last night I stayed up until midnight working on it. That junk is time consuming. Inpatient coding ain’t no joke. Some of the records were 45 pages long and you have to sift through all the nonsense to figure out what needs to be coded. No thanks. I’ll stick with outpatient coding. Oh my. It feels amazing to be almost done with this part of my life. I started August 9, 2009! AHHH!!!! 19 months of my life have been consumed by this program. I’m ready to get my study on for the CCA exam, and then for a little break, then possibly on to some more schooling adventure. Your schooling is never over, right?  Not for me. I’m a professional student, folks.

It will be so nice not to worry about whether or not I’m getting any school work done. It will be awesome to have my whole night, every night to do whatever I want to do.

Now, let’s hope that the Professor grades my assignment today, returns it to me, I return to her for corrections, and I’m done with this mess by tomorrow. Starting March out school-free would totally rock my socks!


Alright friends, I have to go get ready for work now.


Happy Monday Y’all!


2 thoughts on “Freedom, Freedom, FREEEEDOOOMMMMMMMMM

  1. Hopefully all turns out great with your last school assignments! Congrats again on that fabulous PR!!

    I managed my longest run ever – about 13.25 this weekend – and I felt fairly ok, but it leaves me with serious doubts about my ability to cover 26.2. I guess I’ll just keep with my training and hope for the best …

  2. Oh man…I wish I would have known about the bikini body challenge before I just prepared this beastly bowl of pasta. Oh well, I guess it’s not too late. Congrats on being almost done with school!! I can’t wait until that time rolls around for me!!

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