Hmph. I’m pouting.

I got off work @ 2:30 today (yes, i’m spoiled rotten, and my boss the DA BOMB) and headed to Tampa. I was crusing down the highway by 3 (had to make a stop at the bank first).. It’s about an hour drive from my office to Tampa. It’s a really boring drive. Really. Nothing to look at.

I’m quite positive that my GPS hates my guts. He always take me through the roughest neighborhoods he can find, and takes me on detours with the worst Friday afternoon traffic ever. What the heck GPS?!  I don’t know my way around Tampa, and driving in the city totally freaks me out so I just went they way he said, but I could have done with out the scary neighborhood.

Thankfully my Dad lives .6 miles from the race start on Bayshore and .4miles from the race expo. I found a parking spot in my Dad’s ‘hood and walked over to the expo. No way jose am I paying $10 to park for an hour. Those people are nuts.

I picked up my race number, and my fancy Gasparilla bag. Then I went to pick up my shirt.


Cotton t-shirts. Really?

Oh, and I got a size small, which would have fit my Hubster who usually wears a large. Not cute.

Thankfully they let me switch it for an XS. Still not happy about the cotton. Last year we got Nike dri-fit shirts.

Major sad face.

The half-marathoners got long sleeve tech shirts.

Not cool. Just because they are running 4 more miles than me they get a much cooler shirt? Hmph. {insert pouting face here}.

I guess next year I have to run the half if I want a tech shirt.

Now I’m just hanging out, about to make some pasta for dinner. Maybe download a book on the Nook App and chill out.

Happy Friday night Y’all.

I’ll report back tomorrow with my race results!

Oh, and I’m very excited that my BFF D*Faye is coming over Sunday!! Woot!


4 thoughts on “Hmph. I’m pouting.

  1. That is even MORE lame if they gave tech shirts to the half marathoners.

    GOOD LUCK tomorrow! I’ll be thinkin of ya while I’m slaving away at work for the next 3 days straight. BUT I get to use my new Post-Its tomorrow! 🙂

  2. I still think it’s cool that they gave out tech shirts! Every race I’ve done has only given out cotton shirts. I use them for when I’m painting something or as rags lol. And congrats today, I know you’ll kick ass!

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