Windy with a side of Sun

Yesterday Courtenay @ I swear my legs are on autopilot posted her first vlog about the snow in Minnesota. I told her I would post one of Florida today so she could feel like she was on vacation {ha ha!}

As promised, I made a vlog after work today standing in a vacant lot as close to the water as I could get. It’s really windy today so there is some wind noise, but it’s still nice out.

Windy with a side of sun

So there ya go.  I decided that I will take today as another rest day and ice my toes later in an attempt to make them less sore for tomorrow’s run. Honestly, if they are still hurting tomorrow I probably won’t run.

I would prefer to get in at least two runs before Gasparilla, but I also don’t want to risk having sore toes on Saturday. This is really getting on my nerves, and I’m sure it’s getting on yours too, since I’ve done nothing but complain about it for the last week. Smile 


Making vlogs make me realize what a huge dork I actually am. I sit here and crack up when I replay the video. I’m totally dorky, in a good way, of course. Smile with tongue out 

We are having hamburgers for dinner, yum! Nothing to healthy to talk about.


Off to do homework before The Bachelor comes on. Ha Ha. Chris says I’m not allowed to watch this show. pffft.


Happy Monday Y’all

5 thoughts on “Windy with a side of Sun

  1. YAY!! Thank you so much! I appreciate the shout out too!

    My parent’s backyard is literally the bay and looks just like that. I can’t believe that in just under 2 months, I’ll be back there…soaking up the sun!

    Dude, it’s STILL SNOWING. We’re going on 30 hours of straight snow. I left for work at 5:30AM and got home at 8:30PM.


  2. Love the video!! It’s actually incredibly weird ( and wonderful) to see green grass so thanks for filming that too 🙂 Good luck figuring out your running plan!

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