I’ve been converted

I must have been tired because I didn’t get up until 9:45am! Well, that’s not entirely true. Chris went fishing this morning so I got up @ 5ish to pack him a lunch for the boat. It’s so much cheaper/healthier if I pack him some sandwiches, drinks & snacks. It keeps him from buying chips and other junk at the convenience store.

Once Chris was gone I crawled back in bed and I was out until 9:45. When the first alarm went off @ 4:30am it took me a few seconds to figure out where I was and why the alarm was going off. I must have slept hard!

I had a few missions to accomplish today.

#1. New running shoes
#2. Mama Pea’s Nilla Wafers
#3. Mama Pea’s Coconut Kurry Kale Stew


So far only one of those has been successful. Can you guess which one?

If you guessed #1, you would be correct. I went to Suncoast Running at noon to pick up some new shoes. I had decided that I was going to step away from the Nike’s and try a different shoe. I told the guy that was going to help me find new shoes that I wanted to stay away from Nike, he said, “Well, that’s good, we don’t carry Nike.” Welp, that solves that then doesn’t it?

I told him the issues I’m having and he set me up in some neutral Saucony’s to run on the treadmill. He told me that I am mostly neutral with the tiniesty, eensy, weensey, itty, bitty bit of pronation. He hooked me up with some mild support shoes and and I ran on the treadmill in about 6 or 7 different pairs of shoes. I tried on Sauconys, Mizunos, Brooks & New Balance. 

After an hour of trying on shoes I settled on the Brooks Adrenaline 11’s.


Finding shoes is a hard job, it is for me anyways. It didn’t help that the balls of my feet were already sore. Every shoe hurt, so it was hard to tell which shoe would be a good shoe.  Thanks to the sales guy I now have a name for my pain {I should have known this, hello anatomy & physiology 1 & 2..twice} Metatarsalgia.

If you don’t want to click on the link, this is what the site says:

This condition refers to pain under the ball (front) of the foot when walking. This can be caused by local arthritis, nerve entrapment, excessive pressure on the forefoot, foot imbalances, tight calf muscles resulting in reduced range of motion of the ankle, pes cavus (high arch), pes planus (low arch), poor quality shoes, worn shoes, or poorly fitted shoes, bunions, hammertoes, overuse syndrome, callus formation, and obesity. Many individuals try treat themselves with varying degrees of success, but proper medical evaluation is necessary to develop a treatment plan relieve the symptoms, which if left unchecked, can become chronic. “

I am really hoping that my pain is just from my old shoes. I’ve decided that I’ll run Gasparilla next Saturday in my new Brooks, and I’ll also run the half in the Brooks.  If I’m still having the pain after my half in March I’ll go to the Dr. to see what is going on. What kind of Dr. do I even see? A podiatrist? Ortho? Obviously if the pain increases then I’ll see a Dr. before the half. I’ve never had this pain before until last week so I am really,really,really hoping that it was just the shoes.

I’ll be back for an update later about the 2 other things on my list.

Happy Sunday Ya’ll


5 thoughts on “I’ve been converted

  1. Yay for new shoes! If it still hurts after the half, go to a podiatrist! My feeties are happy after visiting a (quak job) podiatrist and getting those b12 sudo-shots of b12/rubbing alcohol. Random but it worked.

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