What’s my name!?

Today was a crazy day at work. I like crazy days because they go faster, but I dislike them because I always feel like I’m going to forget something. I have post-it notes stuck every where with memos to myself, “Schedule patient X for MRI.”  “Reschedule Mrs. X to Monday @ X:XX.”   Then I have my regular to-do list: “post payments, register hospital patients, enter hospital charges.” The list seems never-ending some weeks.

We’ve been open since the end of May and it seems like things are really starting to pick up. That’s good for us, bad for patients I guess. Since I work for a Surgeon it usually means the patients are pretty sick. He’s not just a general surgeon, but a gastrointestinal/cancer Surgeon.

Today people kept calling me things besides my name. First I was called secretary numerous times by a patient. I mean, I guess I kind of am, but I’m also much more than that. I know the patient doesn’t know any better, but it was totally getting on my nerves. Then, another patient kept saying, “Okay hunny bunny.” uhh lol.  The last thing that really made me laugh was  I was on the phone w/ another doctor’s office scheduling a patient and the person said, “Okay kiddo, thanks.” Errrr, okay? I guess I sound young on the phone. I suppose at 26 I still am young, but kiddo? Who am I talking to, my Grandma?


You know what burns my biscuits. Auto insurance. I think that may be a pretty big advantage of living in a place (New York) that has major public transportation for their population. Florida has no such thing, especially in rural areas like where we live. It’s so annoying that we are forced to have auto insurance, and then we are forced to have certain coverage and the insurance companies just bend you over. Ugh. I went to pay our auto insurance and it had went up $25 since last month. When I called State Farm they said that it was company wide policy raise…. Hmph.

I’m totally over our insurance rates going up. They’ve gone up twice in the last year. I called Geico and they wanted more than what I pay now. Then I called Allstate and for the same coverage we currently have w/ state farm our rates will be $55/mth less.

Please, don’t tell me your Allstate horror story! I’m sure every insurance has it’s good & bad points. I can’t keep having our insurance rates rise. I am a little apprehensive about the switch because I’ve been with State Farm since I was 16 and I’ve always had good service with them, however, rising rates are not cute.


Moving on: I’m taking today as a total rest day. No running & No yoga. I also wore an old pair of running shoes for some added support for my hip & arch. Usually I wear crocs on patient days, but they don’t have the best(or any) arch support. I’m also going to take tomorrow off to give my hip another day to rest. It is feeling better today (yay!!) so hopefully by Saturday it will be completely back to normal.


Happy Thursday Ya’ll


6 thoughts on “What’s my name!?

  1. Go with Honey Bunny. And Allstate filed for a 22% auto rate increase a few weeks ago. Call Strider Melanie Billington at her AAA Insurance office in Spring hill where she works as an agent. She has some good companies to quote. Or ask her for a quote during the Gasparilla 15K as you two speedy ladies should both come in around 1:19:45. No pressure though.

  2. I’m not a big car insurance fan either. I mean I understand that it is important to have and why, but I’m still irritated that we had a mysterious rate increase last summer after we got rear ended by an uninsured driver. They claim that the rate hike and the accident were not related, but hmmm, a month later? Really? ::stomps off seething at insurance company::

  3. It’s like I could have written this post myself.

    When I’m at work at the hospital, I am the post-it note QUEEN. In fact, I got all ramped up several times yesterday because my post-its stacks kept “disappearing” and I’d find them all over the unit. Everywhere but my desk. I live and breathe by my post-its. I think the nurses play games with me and take mine and move them.

    Also…there is nothing more aggravating to me than to be called the “nursing unit secretary.” I had a patient’s daughter call me “sweetie pie” yesterday as well.

    Reading your post had ME laughing. Glad I could make you laugh with my post as well. Still gonna work on those negative splits. Someday my splits will come…

    P.S. You haven’t updated us on the balls of your feet. Did the new socks work?

    • At my old office, people used to take stuff off my desk all.the.time AH!! Drove me nuts!

      Well, I haven’t run since Wednesday, so my feet are good, for now. I did go buy new socks. I have an 11 miler scheduled for tomorrow, so we’ll see how they do. If they still hurt I may go get fitted for new shoes… ugh.

      • Good luck with the 11-miler. I’m home sick today. See my blog for a TMI recap. 😉 I think I’m going to have to put in 3 miles tomorrow and my 7 on Sunday. Assuming I’m “fever-less” in the morning.


        Totally random but my dad just emailed me about the fact that he thinks it’s high time we get out of State Farm. He just up and left them after 30+ years today. After reading your post, I called the hubby and told him we need to check our rates. Then my dad emails me the same thing…WEIRD. Definitely going to do some shopping around. Thanks for putting that ball into motion…

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