It’s done.

I set out today to do my 11 mile run. I thought I got everything together and then I headed out the door. It was a mental battle the whole drive there. It’s a 25 minute drive to the trail so I had lots of time to come up with every excuse in the book why I should.not. do this run.

I get to the trail, put my HRM on, then realize my garmin is at home in it’s drawer. WTH!? I have the runkeeper pro app on my phone but I don’t really like it.  I’ll tell you why. Well, for one, I don’t really know how to use it. At 2.37 miles I hit the stop button to wait for a red light. Well, that stopped the entire workout and ended it. I should have paused it. So, then I had to start a new work out and figure out how far I would have to run out before I had to turn back. It’s not hard math, it’s just a lot of thinking when I’m trying not to think.

Another problem with run keeper is that I can not look at my pace, I mean I can, but I have to distort my neck to a weird shape and try to read the display on my phone. I had it set so that the lady would tell me my pace every .25 miles. It was not helpful. This run was very mentally hard. Apparently, I need my garmin much more than I thought. There is just something about being able to constantly see my pace that is soothing for me.

Aside from runkeeper aggravating me, I think my shoe are to small. They are the exact same size as my last pair of Nike Zoom Triax, so I don’t know what is going on. My toes were hurting the entire run, as well as the arch on my left foot. I felt like I was falling apart. My legs were sore from my run yesterday. I stopped quite a few times to stretch.

Lastly, I didn’t bring water. Stupid. In the Pasco part of this trail there is water coolers. Apparently that doesn’t carry over into Hernando County. It was actually pretty hot and I was in desperate need of water at 4.5 miles.  I called Chris @ 4.5 miles and asked him to meet me somewhere with water. Unfortunately he was 30 minutes from me so I was going to end up waiting. I actually was planning on turning around at 4.5, but I needed to keep going to meet Chris, so I continued on. THANKFULLY at mile 5 there was a trailhead that had water fountains! I called Chris and told him not to come.

This run just defeated me mentally & physically.  It’s over, and done. I won’t let it get me down, next week I’ll have a better run. Here is the break down from runkeeper…I don’t quite know what happened at mile 4 of the 10 mile run. 21 minutes? I don’t think so… I believe this is what contributed to such a slow pace.


This whole thing is just confusing to me. What the heck is that 18:52? I think for mile 4 (which was actually 6) I must have stopped and forgot to pause the stupid runkeeper.

Here’s the beginning portion of my run.


Looking at each mile, aside from 4(actually 6) I’d say I’m happy with my pace. I wanted to hang out around 9:30, and I guess I did that. I think it’s safe to say I strongly dislike runkeeper, but it will do in a pinch.

Next week I will be sure to have my Garmin.

After my run I stretched for about 5-6 minutes. I had a beach towel in the back of my car so I laid it out in the grass and strettttccchhheeeeddd. Then, I went to Publix, picked up a few things and a 5lb bag of ice. Hello Ice bath.

Chris laughed at me. I wanted to cry, or scream, or both. It was painful. I could barely breath. I was literally gasping for breath.



I’m having a hard time here. While I was sitting in the icey water I was reading about why ice baths are good and I learned that I should have actually had two 5lb bags of ice. bah!


Tomorrow I’m planning on a very easy 3 miler.


Do you take ice baths after long runs or hard workouts?

If you do, do they make you feel less sore? Help you recover quicker?


Happy Sunday Ya’ll – It’s time for the Grammy’s!


3 thoughts on “It’s done.

  1. Apparently I’m not the only person who has my RunKeeper go bananas. Sorry for you! Honestly, usually it’s fine for me on shorter runs ( and I’m just used to holding it so it’s easy to see pace) but longer runs can cause trouble. I also never pause it. I just deal with a crappy mile pace and know that I stopped to stretch or whatever.

    I’ve never taken a true ice bath, but I’ll ice sore areas and I for sure think it helps. Glad you made it through your run!

  2. Hey…you went out there and covered your 11 miles! And then you survived an ice bath. That is great!

    I am yet to take a “proper” ice bath…so far they have all been little more than a really cold water. I need to start ice bathing…but it hurts! And I’m a baby!

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