First of all, how did I miss the memo that it was going to be in the 40’s with 100mph winds at race time this morning?! I was totally unprepared for the coldness. Sherry & I stayed in a hotel in Tampa last night so I was stuck with what I brought to wear. Thank goodness I at least had the sense to pack some capris. It would have been lovely if I would have had a long sleeve shirt, ear warmers, and some gloves. Next time I will be more prepared.



I think it’s pretty obvious that hotel room lighting sucks, and so does my face. What is going on there? Geesh.

It was totally awesome to only be 15 minutes away from the race. Yay for getting up at 6:15 and leaving at 7:10! Yay for an 8:15 start time, woot!


We ran the American Red Cross’ Cupid Canter. I think it was put on by the University of South Florida’s chapter of the American Red Cross. It was a really small race in a pretty big neighborhood.

The 5k went out first and then the 10k lined up. There were probably 50 people in the 10k, maybe more, but I doubt it. I will admit that I was kind of excited to see so few runners. I was thinking my chances of placing in the top 3 of my age group are higher with less people Winking smile 


I was freezing standing at the starting line.Freezing I tell you. The gun went off @ 8:15 and so did I. I went out like a bat out of hell. I glanced at my Garmin and it said 7:00.. huh? Clearly I needed to reign it in. It was hard because I couldn’t feel my legs or my feet (or my hands). It took me a minute to back down my pace to a more comfortable 8:15.

I was really cold for the first 2.5 miles. My hands were uncomfortably cold, I know I shouldn’t whine because there are plenty of people running in snow or even just colder temperatures, but they probably are smart and have gloves.

We did two loops around the neighborhood. It just happened that one loop was 3.1 miles. It seemed like the first loop went by quickly. Even the first half of mile 4 went by quickly. By 4.5 I was glancing at my Garmin every so often to see how much further. The tenths ticked off ever so slowly.

There was a girl in a green shirt that was quite a bit ahead of me but I kept her in my sites the whole way. As long as I could see her I felt good.

At mile 5 I started talking to myself. Lol. I kept telling myself I came here for a PR, I knew I could PR I just needed to step it up. If I really stepped it up I might be able to break 50 minutes.

I crossed the finish line in 50:32 (unofficial time)!!!!!! Holy crap. My previous PR for the 10k distance was 52:06 from last April.



Then they did the awards ceremony. Since the race was so small they did 10yr age groups so I was in the 20-29. That hurt my confidence a little. Although, I knew I was one of the top 5 women I didn’t know ages, so I wasn’t sure how this would play out.

The overall female finished in 41:something. Whew.

………….I placed FIRST in my age group, HOLLA! …….. I don’t want to discredit myself any, because I had a really good run and I’m really proud of my time, but this was a really, really small race.

Side note: If I had run the 5k, and If I ran the same pace that I ran in today’s 10k I would have been overall female. The overall female in the 5k had a time of 25 something.

So, anyways, I can check this off my list of 2011 goals!! Now If I can just PR at Gasparilla & the half I’ll be having a good year. .. I told Jenny & Sherry that if I PR in both those distances I can take the rest of the year off and wait till next year to set new PR goals. JUST KIDDING. I wouldn’t do that.

Sherry & Jenny also PR’d today!! They did so awesome! They came in around 56:05, which was a 2 minute PR for Sherry and a 1minute and some seconds PR for Jenny! Great job ladies! You both had a really solid race!!


I gotta get to cleaning! Friends are coming over soooooon. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas to get here! I haven’t seen my friend in over a year! AH!


4 thoughts on “Ch-Check!

  1. Whoo hoo! Awesome run and great PR! Congrats on placing!

    I’m super excited that it is going to get up to 37 tomorrow…but I will be wearing gloves on my run! 🙂

  2. Awesome time, and congrats on the PR and 1st in your AG!!! Sorry you didn’t have gloves and long sleeves. Strangely enough, it was almost 40 degrees here today too. I thought the weather was perfect; but then again I did have long sleeves and gloves for my run 😉

    I’m so proud for you, and I just know you are going to run well at your upcoming races too!!

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