Good news & bad news

Hope everyone is enjoying here Friday evening. I’m at a hotel in Tampa with a friend. We are running a race tomorrow and she wanted to get a room over here.

I went to the apple store today to see if they could/would fix the cracked glass on my phone.

I arrived at 5:10pm, a little early for my 5:30 appointment. I’ve never been in an Apple store, I’ve never had a reason. I could not believe how crowded it was, holy smokes. I was impressed with how many employees were on the floor assisting people.

When it was finally my turn I went up to the “genius bar” and showed the guy my phones booboo. After looking at for a few minutes he told me that the iphone4 isn’t like the iPhone 3GS and he couldn’t just replace the glass?? (not what AT&T told me). He said he had to replace the whole phone.

I don’t remember his name, which is bad because he was super nice. He said normally i would have to pay $199.99 for the phone but he hooked me up and didn’t make me pay for a new phone.

I think if he would have said I had to pay $200 for a new phone I think I would have said, “thanks but no thanks.”

So, that’s the good news.

The bad news: no contacts, apps, or music on my phone.
I’m running a 10k tomorrow. I even made a new playlist for my run tomorrow. :-(.

Thankfully my friend Jenny us bringing her extra iPod with her so I can borrow it. I don’t mind running training runs with out music or races without if I’m running with someone, but I do like music if I’m by myself.

I think I should win an award for the most mismatched outfit.

4 thoughts on “Good news & bad news

  1. Super PR Jena and nice 3rd place age group win today! When you are that good, mixed matched clothes just add to the aura. You should be super confident entering into your 14 day Gasaparilla 15K countdown. Keep up the superb running.

  2. Hope the race goes awesome!! Also, I meant to respond to your original smashed phone post. I also cracked the screen on my phone once and had to just get a whole new phone. Once you get home you should just be able to sync your new phone with iTunes and everything will be back to normal, but it’s nice that you can borrow an iPod in the meantime! Happy racing 🙂

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