Happy soreness

As I said in my post this morning I did Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown, and I’m sore, and I like it. It feels so good to be sore. I know I’m not the only one that enjoys that soreness. What a bunch of weirdos.

I’m anxious to get off work and go for my 5 mile run, woot! Hopefully we have nice weather this afternoon so that I can get my run done outside.

Remember how I dropped my phone last night and the glass cracked/shattered?  Well, I called the AT&T 1-800 number and talked to the customer service and that guy told me that I can go to any AT&T service center and they will fix the glass.


I rolled up the AT&T store just as they were opening. Guess what the guy told me. “Oh, you have to take that to Apple…in Tampa…at International Plaza. We don’t even exchange phones here”   So… what exactly do you get paid to do might I ask?

Whatever. Thankfully for him, and me I am already going to Tampa on Friday night so I will go to the Apple store to have this crap fixed.

Next stupid thing I did: (Do you see a pattern here? I’m having a rough week.) … I go on E-bay to order an OTTERBOX..because I hear those things are the shiznizzle. … So, I search, and search, and search. E-bay is sketch. You just never know what you might get. So I’m all readying the reviews of everything, I find a reputable seller, find an Otterbox that won’t force me to sell my kidney on the black market and I hit order..then confirm. Then I review my order, and guess what?! I ordered the case for the 3GS.

Guess what phone I have.

The iPhone4. GAH!

So I e-mailed the seller lightening fast and asked if I could change my order to a otterbox for the iPhone 4..still..no..response.

Can I please just go home, and wake up on Saturday. This week is just ridiculous.

Happy Hump Day Y’all


3 thoughts on “Happy soreness

  1. Hope you get your purchase straightened out. You just reminded me that my new water belt and two new pairs of running shorts are supposed to arrive today. Yay! I REALLY can’t wait to go home now!

  2. oh gosh… when I have these weeks I think Wednesday is about the time I just burst into tears which makes me feel even more ridiculous and then I start laughing but I’m still mad about all the stupid stuff going on… Good times, good times! I figure, might as well laugh. (after a few break downs and bawling and throw in a few glances from Aaron that make it obvious he doesn’t know if he should laugh at me or comfort me and he’s really scared of what will happen if he picks the wrong one. bahaha)

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