bitch pass

I’ll just get right to the nitty gritty. I need a bitch pass for tonight, for realz.

Tonight has been nothing but a series of bitchy events.

Three letters can describe why.





Seriously. I hate using that excuse, and I rarely blame anything on it. I rarely have to, normally I’m a pretty “normal” person, but tonight is like, OMG GET AWAY FROM ME!


Disclaimer: I love Chris very much, and I will not use my blog to whine about him. However, tonight everything that went down, except for one thing, had to do with him. Was any of it his fault? No, not really. I’m just nutty and hormonal. Our marriage is great, and I’m a woman. {We are fine, MOM Winking smile)  I am seriously just pmsing in a big way.

#1. I decided to do Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown. I’m in the middle of some pose, Chris comes in and tells me my leg isn’t high enough, the girl on TV has her leg higher.  {cue freak out number 1.} He thinks he is being helpful, like, I didn’t know her leg was higher and he was trying to help me do the pose correctly.

#2. Chris decides he is going to sit at the table at watch Youtube videos while I do Yoga.. He starts watching Metallica Youtube videos. Remember, I’m doing Yoga… normally Yoga & Metallica don’t go together {cue freak out number 2}

#3. School is mentally beating me up. I’m totally not understand what I’m doing; then, Chris starts unloading the dishwasher and banging shit all over the place. (take note, I’m very thankful he’s unloading the dishwasher, but I was also trying to watch Biggest Loser) Then, my Dad comes up stairs and the dogs start barking, and jumping around. {cue freak out # 3}



Yah, it shouldn’t look like a spider web. Thankfully, It’s still usable….for now.


Let’s hope, for my sake and Chris’ that I wake up tomorrow in a better mood. I should take some Nyquil so I get a very good night’s sleep. (I do not recommend this, nor do I ever do this, but it sounds pretty appealing right now)

So, as I mentioned earlier I did Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown tonight. I actually enjoyed it. It’s the first time I’ve ever done yoga. The hardest pose for me was the chaturanga.


I’ve never been interested in Yoga before, ever. It just sounds bo-ring. I couldn’t see what would be challenging. Uh, wrong.

Warrior pose 3 anyone?


Oh dear goodness. I about fell over. Okay, I did have to put my foot down quite a few times. That pose ain’t no joke.

The Verdict: I like Yoga. whoa.

If I had access to a gym I might even want to do a yoga class. YAY for Exercise TV.


I hope everyone had an uneventful Tuesday Night!


Suggestions for what I should do about my phone?
I don’t have insurance. I called AT&T and they said I could go to the store and they could replace the glass. The labor is covered under the warranty, I just have to pay for the glass. I know I can replace the glass myself, but does anyone have a reputable source I can buy the glass from?  I also don’t know if I could actually do it..safely, and have it work when I put it back together.


6 thoughts on “bitch pass

  1. I would recommend buying the glass for your iphone directly from the manufacturer. They don’t use normal glass, obviously, but a chemically strengthened glass. The most common is Gorilla glass. Not all are created equal so I would suggest getting what they recommend.
    Also- Yoga meltdown? LOVE! I’m up to Level 2 (after 3 weeks at level 1) and it’s intense! I can’t for the life of me do the Chaturanga push-ups!

    • I am going to go to AT&T after work today and have them replace the glass I guess. It’s only a matter of time before it breaks more and starts falling out. Right now it’s cracked and still functionable. Ugh, I don’t even want to think about the cost.. Hopefully they won’t break me.

      Exercise TV only has level 1 but I think I’m going to buy the DVD so I can have the full work out. That chaturanga thing is intense, WHEW. The other thing that killed me today was the elbow planks and pushing into the dolphin. yowser!

  2. 1) I’m sorry to hear about your phone, that totally sucks. I still have a stupid phone, but I am super nervous about Chris and his iPhone because he is the master of phone destruction and they don’t offer insurance for the iPhone. Um, expensive disaster waiting to happen?

    2) I really liked yoga class when I took it as one of my gyms during college. I want to go to yoga class now, but it is kind of expensive, I feel bad paying to go. I have two home yoga videos, but I tend to have the same problems doing yoga at home as you ran into. Barking dogs who want to do yoga with me, noisy human members of my household (ahem, Chris), and just too much distraction in general.

    3) NyQuil will knock me out for DAYS. I am a huge fan of melatonin before bed though.

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  4. I completely understand the whole PMS freakout thing – I usually don’t blame my moods on PMS but every once in a while I have a horrible week and it just sucks! Hormones are dumb.

    About your phone – you can totally fix it on your own! I promise! You need more than just the glass – it is a digitizer that you need to replace (because it is a touch screen). I know that sounds techy but it really isn’t.

    Youtube “replacing iphone digitizer” and watch a video or two – it is pretty easy. Tedious at time (removing glue) but doable! You cannot buy the replacement digitizer (with tools!) on ebay. You might need to get it from overseas but it should work. I paid $40 for my phone (Android) but iphone screens look cheaper.

    I know all of this because I shattered the screen on my HTC Eris screen not long ago (while running I dropped it, gaa!) and did not have insurance. The Husband Youtube’d it and offered to replace the screen for me. I’m a control freak so I did it on my own. I blogged it here…

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    • I remember reading your post about how you replaced the screen on your phone. My touch screen still works, I don’t think I have to replace the digitizer. I found a website that sells just the glass, but honestly, taking my phone apart scares the beejezus out of me. I have an appt to get it fixed @ Apple on Friday after work- I think it’s going to be about $85.. I think it’s almost worth it not to have to deal with fixing it on my own. AH!


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