My boots on

We are still painting. Good grief painting is quite the project. Alright, fine, I’m not painting but Chris is. He is finishing up our room and I’m laying on the couch chilling out and drinking coffee.


Here are the final colors of our guest room. Chris is currently working on the bed frame, so that’s why there isn’t one with the bed.


Woohoo! The colors in our bedroom! I love them! I can’t wait to get all our furniture back in the rooms and pictures hung back on the walls. It will feel like a real home. Next on the list of things to paint is our bathroom, and the living room. Chris is not convinced that we need to paint our bathroom, but I want to. Also not sure about what/how to paint the living room. Our kitchen/living room are all open so it’s kind of weird. What do we paint? All the walls? One wall? Oy! To many decisions for the living room.


My little(est) sister turns 13 on Tuesday so Chris & I went down to Tampa to have dinner with My Dad, Step-Mom, and sister for her birthday. We’ve never been to their new apartment so it was nice to go down there and see it. Very nice place! They live right in downtown so it’s kinda cool. I could never live there, but it’s good for them since my Step-mom works downtown.

We also mapped out my walking route since I will be staying at their apartment since it’s 1.2 miles (According to google maps) to the start line of Gasparilla. I’m a little nervous about it, but  Chris told me to karate chop someone in the neck then kick them in the ballz if they mess with me. LOLZ , he’s always lookin’ out!


Not the greatest picture, but it’s the best of the three that Chris took. We need to work on picture taking skills. I love these boots and I always forget I have them. Chris bought me them for Christmas about 5 years ago and I’ve probably worn them 6 times.


I have no running news to report today. Today was a rest day, and I’ll be back at it tomorrow with a short run. 2-3 miles. I think I might try to get up early and run in the morning before work. Tomorrow I am going in @ 10 so I won’t have to get up super early to get a few short miles in.

Last weeks total mileage was only 17 miles.Meh. I think my schedule says it should have been 21 I think. I shortened my 7 miles to 5 miles, and then skipped a 2 mile run.  I’m on the fence about those 2 mile runs. Sometimes I feel like they are so short it’s stupid, but other times I think I can’t muster up the strength to run further than 2 miles.

It’s 19 days until Gasparilla and I’m feeling fairly confident that I will have a strong race.

I’m working on my long run schedule until the half-marathon on March 21st. My training plan doesn’t work me up to 13 miles, which is what I want to do prior to this half. I know that if I only run 11 prior to race day I will be okay, but I will mentally feel better if I run 13 prior to race day. I know that I will feel more confident, so that’s my plan.

Feb 12th-13th : I have a 10k this weekend on Saturday. I’m going to try to get 9 done on Sunday. Maybe 11 depending on whether or not we have friends over this weekend.
Feb 19th – Feb 20th : 11 miles
Feb 26th – 27th: Gasparilla, 9 mi on Saturday

March 5th – 6th: 12 miles on Saturday
March 12-13th: 13 miles Saturday.
March 20-21st: Race Day, Half- Marathon

I am unsure about running 13 only a week before the actual race. What do you think?

If I run 11 this Sunday, then I will change my run for Feb 19-20 to 12 mi and run 13 on March 5-6 and a step back week the 12-13.. I feel like I am over thinking this big time, but I really need want to run a sub 2 hr half.

Hope everyone had  a great weekend.

Happy Sunday Y’all.


3 thoughts on “My boots on

  1. Love the boots! As for the running schedule, I think I’d only do about 10 the week before, and modify the rest of the schedule as you suggested. With the times you’ve been posting for your long runs these past weeks, I definitely think you will easily run sub-2:00.

    Happy Anniversary!!

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