sneakity peakity


Lesson # 1 learned while painting: Don’t buy the cheap paint, you’ll end up having to do a 2nd coat.

We are ballers on a budget so we opted for the the cheapest paint that Lowe’s carries.
We checked out the oopsie paints first and found our blue paint. A gallon of Valspar for $5. SCORE
We have $70 invested in paint/supplies for 2 rooms and a bathroom. Double Score.
Sadly I’m going to have to repaint the “toes in the sand” color in the guest bedroom because cheap paint isn’t ideal.

Lesson # 2 learned while painting: Buy more than one paint brush.

I’m sure you are asking yourself how we only bought one paintbrush when painting numerous rooms. Chris did it.
I rolled the guest bedroom and he is doing the “cut-ins”, which is taking FOR-EV-ER. If we had a 2nd brush, I could help.

Lesson # 3 learned while reading a blog that talked about painting.

According to Young House Love, who read a magazine that said paint rolling burns 250 calories per hour.
I’m doing awesome in the calorie burning department today. 10 mi run + paint rolling = ICECREAM!!!


Here are a few pictures so far:


Okay, actually that is from a lot earlier today. The whole room is painted and Chris is just finishing up in the corners, ceiling, and around the baseboards.
Our whole ( I originally wrote hole) house has a beachy theme to it. I’m sure you would have never guessed that, right? So we wanted beachy kind of colors. The tannish color is called “toes in the sand” and we got it @ lowes. The blue is a “oops” paint from Lowes so I don’t know what color it actually is. We were already planning on painting the walls blue so this worked out swell!


We tried to choose a color that would match the accent tile in the guest bathroom. I think we did pretty good.


Welp, that is all for now. Chris just told me I can go finish rolling the tan for the 2nd coat!


4 thoughts on “sneakity peakity

  1. Looking good!!! I didnt realize rolling burnt so many calories… I literally painted my bathroom and living room with a 1.5 in brush and a 3 inch brush…. I wonder how many calories that burned!

  2. Looks great! That reminds me that I have a painting project to finish up. It is in a hidden away corner of our house so I like to conveniently “forget” about it. I’m not such a huge fan of painting and according to Chris I’m not that good at it either. He has much more patience and attention to detail when it comes to painting.

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