We were crazy

I have this friend, she is crazy. We met when we worked at the library and we’ve been friends ever since. Our friendship has had its ups and downs for sure. There was a period of time when we didn’t talk for ..I don’t know how long, but it was a while. Actually, that happened more than once for various reasons.  Our lives have taken us in different directions. Then, I hear a song on the radio that reminds me of her and I send her a text. This text turned into a severl hour long laugh fest.

My face hurts from laughing. Reminiscing is awesome, and pretty hilarious.

Two things I re-learned about our teenage-hood.

1. We were stalkers before Facebook made stalking so much easier. We actually had to find where people were. LOLZ
2. What were we thinking with some of those guys we dated, really?

One thing I learned today.

1. We are still stalkers, thank you so much Facebook for making that SO much easier!

(Oh, hello 16 yr old Tegan & Jena) …. This is actually the night of my car accident, and can someone please tell me why we loved the sweaters SO much! Those were my favorite jeans, and they were brand new, and they totally cut them off me when I got to the hospital.

Tegan’s last night in Florida. She left for Wisconsin at some awful hour the next morning. I will never, ever forget packing up Bertha Blue with all your crap.


We went rollerblading, and it was hot. {Oh HEY little white toyota, I miss you sometimes…this truck has since been totaled..not by me.. sad face}

Drinking leads to stupid faces. There is a rumor that I crawled up the sidewalk this night. I do not remember this happening, but this is what I’m told? (and we had a DD, don’t worry, we didn’t drive)

chug,chug,chug. It’s her birthday, give her a break. Check out that hat..Klassy.

I know this is totally not interesting to anyone but myself, but it’s my blog, and I can post what I want to.

We used to drive Tegan’s sister to Mt. Dora for her acting classes. We may have gone to steak n’ shake every single time we were in Mt. Dora bc there was this TOTALLY HOT guy that worked there..totally. I considered leaving my number spelled out in french fries (cuz i’m klassy)..but I didn’t, bc I’m to shy for that nonsense.

So tell me, what is something that you did with your friends when you were growing up? Pre-college days.  College gets crazy, I’m sure I don’t even want to know about some of the stuff you people did in college. How crazy where you in highschool?

Note: The last two pictures where drinking was involved, we were both 21 so these are obviously during our “college days.” That’s about as crazy as I got.

Happy Thursday Ya’ll, the week is almost over!

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