Sunday Funday

I love Sundays. They are my favorite day of the week, which may be weird considering we have to go back to work tomorrow. Sunday is the only day of the week that Chris & I have off together and we usually try to take advantage of that by spending the day together.

This morning we slept in until 8:30, then I got up and made us egg & cheese sammiches on bagel thins, yum! These are definitely going to be a favorite in our house!


So, I have mentioned in a few posts that I Was going to do a grocery challenge for myself in the month of February regarding our budget. I lied. It’s not happening. I really want to, but honestly I can not torture myself every Sunday in the name of a few spared dollars.

I’ll give you the run down of what I was going to do.  I am a devoted Publix shopper, my Mom always shopped at Publix and so I’ve always shopped at Publix. When Chris & I first moved in together I never looked at the price of anything when grocery shopping, I just bought what I needed. As I got older wiser I started paying attention to how much money I was actually spending. I also became aware that Walmart generally sells things for cheaper than Publix. I then switched from Publix to Walmart {enter frustration here}. I battled long lines, and morons at Walmart. I can’t stand Walmart “meat” so even when I was shopping at Walmart I still had to go to Publix to get hamburger, chicken & pork chops. Eventually I gave up and went back to Publix with the occasional early morning trip to Walmart (let’s face it, that’s the only time walmart is even a little bit tolerable).

Okay, so my personal challenge. As I said in another post I set a budget for our grocery shopping. Technically I went over in the month of January because of today’s grocery trip. But, today should not count because most of the food will be eaten in February, right?

Anyways, for my challenge I was going to shop @ Walmart for the majority of my groceries to see what what kind of savings I would have. I would shop @ the local farmers market for produce & meat, and then I would shop at Publix only for the Buy-one, Get-one’s. Publix has awesome BOGO every week!

Why I am not doing the challenge after all. I HATE walmart. I tried to start the month out right (even though we are still in January) and shop at Publix only for the BOGO, Farmers market for meat & produce then I went to Walmart for everything else. It took me over an hour, 30 minutes of that was spent standing in line to check out.

Nope. Not happening. My sanity can not tolerate the insanity that is walmart in this city. I will pay extra to push a nice buggy (HA, see my VLOG about this), and not have to navigate through half the population of this town to get some dang bananas. I also hate getting asked if I want a Walmart card everytime I go in there. NO, I don’t want a walmart card, if I wanted one, I’d have one. Stop asking! Do you really think this is my first trip to walmart, and you are the first person to harass me about your darn card! NO!

I will pay $1 more for my bread at publix, and I’ll pay .69cents lb for bananas instead of .54 @ Walmart.

WHEW. Glad I got that out of my system. I was so frazzled when I got home. I told Chris, “forget it, forget it, I was going to try and shop @ walmart in February to save money, but I can’t do it.”

His response. He laughed.


After the grocery shopping debacle we went to Lowes and looked @ paint colors, again. We picked out a blue, it was pretty easy. Lowes has cans of paint that they mixed but for whatever reason someone didn’t buy the paint. They sell them at a discounted price, so we got a gallon of blue pain for $5, SCORE!


This actually makes the color look dark, but it’s not “that” dark. So, we decided to paint 2 walls blue, and the other 2 walls tan.


Not sure which tan.

We also picked out colors for our room, YAY!


I’m excited. Now we just have to get the paint and actually paint. Since Chris was feeling the urge to do things for me today I asked him to hang pictures. We’ve been living here since June and had 2 pictures hung, sadface.


These are in our hall, I love them!


The last three are in our bathroom. We have a little shell obsession.


Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.


Did you get any home projects done this weekend?

Happy Weekend Ya’ll


One thought on “Sunday Funday

  1. Our room is green and yellow yeaaah! And Aaron is doing picture hanging now too. I’m not a huge fan of the whole process. Plus I hung one set of pictures a while ago and when he got home all he really said about them was that they were crooked and I cried lol. No more pictures for me!

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