Due to  decisions that Chris’ employer made we switched vehicles. He drives a chevy silverado that is lifted and has 35’s? Maybe 33’s, I don’t know, on it. That means crap for gas mileage. My car is awesome on gas mileage, I’ve been tracking it for about a month or two and every time I fill up it’s been consistently between 27-29mpg, holla scion TC! 

Chris has been trying very hard not to drive my car. The decision his company made was at the beginning of December and he’s been refusing to drive my car. Yesterday he had my car because his truck was blocked in the garage by my Dad’s truck. He said it was actually kind of nice to drive my car around and not have to worry about gas. So, the switch has been made. My drive to work is half of what his is. {trust me, I am not upset about this switcharoo, I love his truck.. I feel so badass in it} I don’t have any pictures right now, but i’ll try to get some up later.

I do miss my car a little bit though. There are certain things I love about my car that I can not do in Chris’ truck, for example: Turn the bass up and bumpbumpbump. I admit, I love to have some bump going on. I get excited to see my rearview mirror shake when the bass hits. (yes, i’m that lame). #2. My car is a 5 speed and sometimes shifting gears is fun. It’s not cute when I stall out, but that doesn’t happen that often. #3. I can lean my sit back and ride ghetto. For realz, I ride like that. Chris truck is only a single cab so my seat leanage is minimal, it’s sad. Lastly, it’s my car. I bought brand new in 07 and while I’m ready to get rid of her and get something better, I’m a little bit attached to her. We’ve had some good times.

I am happy to save a little gas money, so I will think of that when I miss driving my car. Okay, actually, I’ll only be driving the truck like 2-3 days. Chris doesn’t work Mondays/Tuesdays and Saturdays I usually drive all over creation so I’ll have my car on Saturdays. But still, I will miss her.

So, my hip is kinda sore today. Crap. I’m debating whether or not to do a 2mile easy run when I get off. That is what my schedule says I’m supposed to do, but my schedule doesn’t know what I’m a little sore from that run it said I had to do yesterday. So, we’ll see. I’m going shopping for new scrubs (i know, exciting!) after work, so the run may just get postponed until Friday.

Okay friends, I have work to do. I’m cooking up a post in my head right now though. It’s the end of January, and I’ve been checking out my mint.com account to see how well we stayed on budget. I have a little challenge for myself next month. That will be coming up next. I know you are so excited you will check your email every 5 minutes to see If I’ve posted something new. 

Do you have a grocery budget? Did you stay with in the limits this January?

5 thoughts on “Switcharoo

  1. I get kind of attached to my cars also. I cried when I got rid of my 1st car about two years ago. (Yep, so attached that I keep them forever.) I’m a dork.

    We don’t have a specific number budgeted for groceries, but we have a ballpark figure that we try to hover around for Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club/Target purchases. That includes groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies, some clothing items, and whatever else those places sell.

    I found that it was much easier for me to set, and more importantly stick to, absolute budgets when I was single because I was able to call all of the shots. Now, Chris and I have to talk through whether we want to blow our “grocery” budget on fishing lures at Wal-Mart or organic face creams at Target. Obviously you and your Chris would be on my Chris’s side on that one. 🙂

    • Your comment on fishing lures has me cracking up. BTW, how do you say it. I say Lure, like I’m going to lure you in, Chris says Loo-ur.. Lol, we’ve had many conversations about this, and i’m paranoid to say it infront of people because I don’t know if I’m saying it correctly. Ha Ha.

      Well, we have various budets. Groceries would be for food/toilet paper/laundry detergent. I have a budget for Chris’ snacks while he’s @ work (and copenhagen, ick).. We don’t have a “fun money” budget, but maybe we should (but then I’m restricted and I don’t like that, HA).. Chris goes through spurts with fishing lures.. Recently he cleaned out his tackle bag and he realized that he had a whole lot more then what he thought. He has like 20 bucktails, good grief, and he doesn’t even use them where we live now. Anyways, he has gotten better about not buying a bunch of lures (loo-res?)

  2. I say give up the 2-mile run, do it tomorrow, give your hip a break after your awesome run yesterday, and go shopping for new scrubs!

    I know when I get to buy new scrubs for my job, it’s one of the most exciting things ever. LOVE scrub shopping! So I can’t believe I’m saying “don’t run,” but DONT RUN! GO SHOP! 🙂

  3. The Husband always has the little sports cars that are pimped out – you know, lowered, rims, bumpin’ system… I always feel badass when I get to drive his car. About two years ago someone broke into his car and stole his entire system (about $2K, not cool) so we haven’t replaced that but he has a new WRX with turbo…I love driving his car. I drive a plastic POS Saturn…it doesn’t take much to get me a car I love.

    But even with my plastic Saturn I lean my seat back and ride along all ghetto – The Husband picks on me for it! And I’m also not ashamed to sing along, loudly and obviously when driving my car, but I feel weird doing that in a pimpin’ car… odd.

    No specific grocery budget here, but I have been using more freezer food (mostly venison) lately and we have been spending less on food – both groceries and eating out. I haven’t started putting January into the spreadsheet yet, but I “feel” like we are being cheaper. Our bank doesn’t work with mint.com. 😦

    Enjoy what is pretty much a mini-post that is this comment… 🙂

  4. No specific grocery budget, but we are both pretty good about buying only what we need and what we’ll eat. We usually do big stock-up shopping together if we can, so we both have a say in the expensive stuff. I think we both have cheapness issues too, and are generally horrified by our bill when we stock up at Sam’s Club 🙂
    If we stop by the mall though, I usually manage to come out with a pair of new running shorts or socks that were on clearance (of course!), and J manages to come out with some fishing gear or tool he wants/needs. If we start having cash flow problems, then we will definitely be setting a specific budget.

    I also like driving around in a truck, but alas I drive way too far to get crappy mileage. J has a Ford F-150 (I’m really more of a chevy gal myself), but I still like driving it. I’m actually pretty thrilled with my Subaru, and am getting good mileage especially for winter driving so woo hoo!

    Happy shopping – hope you’ve stayed on your budget this month 🙂

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