This morning I found out there is a plank challenge going on in the blogosphere. I saw it on Twitter via @Leavingfatville. From what I can tell, the challenge originated on YumYucky’s blog, or twitter.

I’m not really big into challenges or making myself look like a complete idiot on the internet, but this sounded a little bit fun. It’s doesn’t really force me to do anything on a daily basis, although, I might because I need to get better. So far the “winner” held the straight-arm plank for 4 minutes, WHEW!

So, I videoed my plank. I’m pretty sure it needs some work. It’s also so dark in my room you can barely see me, and the audio is really quiet for some reason. I just jacked this all up. Tomorrow will be better. I might have to record it with the webcam on my computer.

Sadly for you, the video will not upload. I will make another video tomorrow on Day 2 of the plankachallenge.

I did learn 3 things from my video:

1. wood floors are hard on the wrists
2. barefeet probably won’t slide as much
3. I don’t know where exactly my arms should be? Directly underneath me? I will google planks to find out.

This is as much “exercise” as I’ll be doing tonight. I don’t feel like running. I felt really nauseous when I got home from work. (No Mom, I’m not pregnant Winking smile ). So I made dinner as soon as I got home and then started on homework. I feel better but at this point I just don’t want to run. I’ll get it done tomorrow. It was only a 2 mile run so I don’t feel like I’m really missing out on that much.

For dinner we had some yummy black bean soup. I combined two recipes from and it turned out super yummy. I didn’t take pictures, sorry, plus I know you don’t really care what it looks like anyways. I really like the black bean soup with a lot of veggies.

The kitchen looks like a tornado hit it, so I need to take care of that. I’m also debating whether or not I should go find Chris. He’s been fishing for a few hours. If he’s catching something I want to be part of the action! Oh, he’s home. Hmm, wonder if he caught anything?!

I know I complain non-stop about school so would it surprise you to know that I’m thinking about going to the local community college to get my degree in Health Care Administration? First though, I will complete all my coding stuff. I should be finished with coding in the next few weeks, then I have to take the certification exam. (Hello stressful situation). Then, I want to go to school to get my Medical Assisting Certificate. This will be helpful in my job since not only do I do all the administrative things, billing, but I also triage and help the Doctor while he is doing consultation or follow up visits. (I’m a jack-of-all-trades ya’ll). Lots to think about.

I have to go to bed.

Happy Monday Ya’ll


2 thoughts on “Plankawhat?!

    • It would not upload last night. It kept telling me 170 minutes to upload a 2 minute video. I got other things to do on my computer besides sit around and wait for it to upload! KWIM? Plus, I mentioned work in it and I think I should probably keep that off the internet. Tonight I’m going to do it again and I promise it will make on the blog for your viewing pleasure!

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