This license plate was one of the few things that survived my car accident. It had a small bend in the corner you can kind of see.

This license plate has been on, or in every car I’ve owned since the 4runner. I can’t, and will not part with it. In my Scion it sits underneath my drivers side seat- There is no place to put a plate on the front of the car, otherwise it would be there.

My 16yr old self after I got home from the hospital. My other arm is in a sling underneath that lovely hospital gown.

You know how I figured out something was wrong w/ my arm? I went to put my hair in a pony tail before I got out of my car (hello priorities) and I couldn’t move my arm, and then the pain began and the screaming commenced!

I’ve really been thinking a lot about what is important to me lately.

I can’t wait to be done with school so that I can focus on things that are truly important.

Don’t get it twisted, school is important, but I’m ready to be done with that stage of my life to see what the next one brings. Will I return back to school for Health Care Administration? Our Healthcare system is a hot, hot mess – not a topic I’m willing to discuss on my blog.

I have a lot of thoughts on it, and it’s not something I could talk about on the internet. I’ve decided to take a break from certain things in my life. They aren’t things that I discussed on my blog so don’t worry, you won’t be missing anything. I’m still going to be running and trying to eat some what healthy. Just things that aren’t even really important but I let them get me all worked up. Hopefully I can be a little more stress free!


What things in your life cause you to be stressed out? Can you take a break from them? Would you take a break from them?


2 thoughts on “Profound

  1. Another great post Jena! I would say one of the stresses in my life is uncertainty of the future and how our jobs and lives will balance. The farm is obviously a major part of this. I wouldn’t take a break ( other than maybe a tropical vacay :-)) but the uncertain schedules and dealing with up and down milk prices, feed prices, crazy weather, employees, and everything else is just overwhelming somedays. I love the farm and I think I am able to share and appreciate a lot if the best parts through my blog, but everything isn’t always rosy, you know?

    Ok, I’m done with my novel- length comment. I need to get back outside and then find some time to blog about my 5K this morning!

    Glad that license plate stays with you! What an awesome reminder that Christ in with you wherever you go.

  2. I’ll admit, my life is pretty great right now…pretty darn stress free. However, that is going to change in the coming months because of some plans we have (not yet bloggable, and NOT babies…). I’m not excited to go back to the place were I spend a lot of time being stressed, but I’m excited for what comes after the stress – that awesome feeling that you’ve accomplished something and you are some where better than where you were months ago. You know? Makes it all worth it!

    I still have the license plate from the 3rd (last) car I totaled – it is my front plate and I drove without a front plate for a few years but get “talked to” by two cops. Apparently you need a front plate. It is now on my car and all bent up…

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