My day was filled with lots of cute little girls.

We went to Weeki Wachee today to see the Mermaids!

We went to Weeki Wachee today to see the Mermaids!

Excuse the crappy mermaid photo, we were all the way in the back row (uhm, where did all those people come from?) and while the iphone has a good camera, it’s not THAT good.

Must invest in a good camera sooner rather than later.

Oh Hey crappy pictures. Gah. Hopefully I can get some better ones from my sister who also went.

Then Kailyn & I went home and made homemade pizza dough.

Pouring in flour can be tricky! It ended up on the floor.

Obviously running did not happen today. It was a planned rest day anyways. Carolyn and I are tackling 8 or 9 miles tomorrow. Good times. It’s supposed to be in the 40’s with winds at 10mph, joy.

I will report back tomorrow with on how that long run goes. It will be my our longest run since the half-marathon in November. Hopefully it will be successful.

Happy Weekend Ya’ll

Oh, I feel like I should say that I am not going to turn into a blogger that posts 67 different step-by-step pictures of recipes (If that’s your style, great, but it’s not mine). This one is just fun since Kailyn is here and some of my family read my blog.

5 thoughts on “Mermaids

  1. Good pictures! I made pizza dough Thursday night and got it ALL over the kitchen once I got to mixing! I was like uughhh seriously?! but I had to laugh at myself.

  2. First, I would go completely crazy if I had to sit in a mermaid suit for any extended period of time.

    Second, I am jealous of your orange kitchen aid! Love the color…way cooler than my practical black one!

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