First things first:

Check out the cuteness that is my nephew.

He knows what’s up w/ rubber boots. I’m dying for some rubber boots! Oh, and check out the spiderman beanie, doesn’t mess w/ this kid!

He & Spiderman are BFF.

I’ll just go right ahead and say that I did not do my 2 mile run tonight. I was pretty aggravated and cranky when I got home from work and running was on the very bottom of my to-do list. All I wanted to do was make dinner, and sit around and do nothing. That is exactly what I did, and it was grand.

I thought a lot today while I was at work.


Some things I will not divulge, actually, probably none of them.

Well, fine. I’ll share one. I spend way to much time watching stupid shows on TV when I should be spending time w/ Chris. Normally we do our own separate things in the evening with the occasional couch snuggle time. In the last few weeks school has slowed down (school  was the main reason we hadn’t spent a lot of time together) but our time together didn’t increase.. due to me watching as many reality tv shows as I could find. Lame-o.

Normally Thursdays i’m camped out in front of the TV for hours because its when all of my favorite shows are on. Hello Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Jersey Shore.  Tonight I didn’t watch a single show, and i’m not even sad about it. Chris and I sat at the kitchen table for hours and talked. It felt really good. Apparently I was really missing him and needed some talky time with him.

Kay, i’m so done being mushy. =)

Happy…well, technically it’s Friday. So, Happy Friday Ya’ll

5 thoughts on “Crankasaurus

  1. What a fun little nephew you’ve got! Good for you and Chris for taking some quality together time. I used to be more of a TV girl, but I just don’t have the time to watch anything anymore. Once I got out of the habit I no longer felt like I was missing it either. Good luck with your last weeks/ month of school stuff!

  2. I have been rallying for us to get rid of our cable, but Chris hasn’t bit so far. I don’t feel like we actually watch that much TV, but it is just always on.

    • Unfortunately I find myself watching more & more TV. My Chris watches comedy central at night before he goes to bed, and that’s pretty much all he watches. We have talked about getting rid of it, but then we decided against it. Maybe we should talk about this again. Every show I want to watch I can watch somewhere on the internet.

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