TM:0 Me:2

I’m almost positive that the treadmill could be considered a torture device in some places, specifically in my living room.

I told myself over the weekend that this would had to be the week that I took my life back and got back on my training plan. I can not have Women’s Half Marathon repeat. I will not go in undertrained once again.

So, because this week is the week of my “come back” I had to run 7 miles last night. No excuses for not getting it done. I was hoping to leave work @ 4 and get the 7 done outside. I left @ 4:30, but I had to go to the grocery store so I didn’t get home till after 5. Running in the dark is not my forte. I had been telling myself all day long that 7 miles on the treadmill was happening and I could do it.

I meant to rent a Redbox movie while I was at walmart, but I forgot.crap. I asked my Dad to let me dig through his movies to find one I haven’t seen so I could tolerate the mileage. I found some Nicholas Cage movie and got to work. one word. brutal.


My very own personal torture device.

I took breaks every 2 miles. I had to break up the monotony. I got off and took little water breaks, checked my email and twittered. I felt really good during my run. Good, like, i wasn’t having any pain. Mentally I was dying. The movie was just meh, but it held my attention for the most part. I was sweating like it was summer outside, it was disgusting. This is my longest run on the treadmill and I have to say I’m a little proud of myself for getting it done, even if I did have to take breaks. toot toot.

7 miles, 66:22 – 9:26 pace.  I’m also very happy to report that I had absolutely no hip pain and I have not felt any today either, can I get a HIP HIP HOORRAAAY!!!!!!

Tonight is a easy 2 miler. Hopefully I can get this done outside, if not, hi ho, hi ho back to the treadmill I go.

Due to my run on the treadmill last night’s dinner was left over chicken & yellow rice for Chris. I had cereal, yum! Tonight I’m planning on a super delicious chicken noodle soup.

Alright. I have to go. I’m annoyed right now, and this post will turn into a huge rant about stupid things that are said from people who have no clue what they are talking about. I don’t need a big political debate going on in my blog.

Happy Thursday Ya’ll


4 thoughts on “TM:0 Me:2

  1. Yup, I’ll give you a Hip, Hip Horrary! I think it’s been several weeks since I did 7 on the treadmill, and I still fully remember how looong it can get. Way to go for sticking with your plan 🙂

  2. Glad you got it done! We both had 7 on the treadmill last night. I sooo agree about the torture device thing. I used to be a fairly content and good treadmill runner, but lately I have been lacking the mental fortitude to stick with it.

  3. Way to beat that treadmill! I have to get 4ish miles in today and I can’t decide if I’m taking on the TM or indoor track…either way, I won’t be quite as awesome as you!

    Adn definitely HIP HIP HOORAY! 🙂

  4. Way to go!! My longest on the dreadmill is 5 miles. I am sure that will change here pretty quickly since we just got 8-10 inches of snow last night (with more coming). I’m glad you are pain free in that hip also.

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