Stop for a second


Do you ever just stop?

Do you ever think about a time in your life when it was questionable whether or not you would honestly live or die?

I rarely think about the fact that I got into a car accident that could have killed me. It’s happened 9.5 years ago, WOW, when you put it into number form like that it seems so crazy. It does not seem like it was 9.5 years ago. The only time I think about that car accident is when I see an old red 4runner, or when I drive on the road where it happened. Neither happens very often.

Or, when I come across the pictures. This morning I was cleaning out a purse so I could carry it today and I found the pictures. hm. It makes you think, well, it makes me think.

It makes me think how much different my life could be had I been seriously injured, or that I might not have a life at all.

Sometimes you just have to stop, and be thankful for what you do have, instead of worrying about what you don’t have.

16 yr old Jena- first day driving to school in my “new” ride


6mths later-  I crawled out my drivers side window with a dislocated shoulder.

I walked a good little walk in the pitch black to a near by house for help. My accident happened @ 11:50pm. Not exactly a trafficky time in the boondocks.

So you can get some perspective of this situation. I rolled my 4runner around that corner. Not on 4 wheels, end-over-end, and then sideways. I landed right side up in a ditch.
Then I walked to that house where it says HELP. The other house was not there. Remember, this was 9 years ago. There was very litle out there then. This is about 2.5 miles from my house.

If my Mom is reading this I’m sure she is not appreciating these pictures. She does not enjoy reliving this nightmare.

Thankfully the people were home, and they let me in. The guy went to check my car to make sure no one else was with me. The lady called my Step-Dad, and then 911.
I was coming from a church lock-in. (My Mom was also at the lock-in and could not be reached until my Step-Dad, Ron, went there and got her)
I had to work @ 7am the next morning so I was not staying all night.. Clearly I didn’t make it to work. I did get a helicopter ride out of the deal.


I’m not looking for sympathy. Obviously. This was 9.5 years ago, I’m over it now, and I had no lasting side effects except for a numb place on my knee where there was some nerve damage. I’m guessing my knee slammed into the dash board, or steering wheel, who knows.
I have no recollection of the actual flippage. I only remember rolling left, hitting my head on the window and then I was out. My injuries were a dislocated shoulder, some of my eyes lashes were missing, and some road rash on my hands, and ear. (who knows how that happened).
I remember coming to, taking the keys out of the ignition (lol), and looking for my cell phone. It was never found. I crawled out the window with the help of my Guardian Angel (I’m not being funny, I truly believe that due to my missing eyelashes). I proceeded to start screaming for help and walking down the road.


so, stop spinning, running, crunching, lifting weights, counting calories, or whatever it is you are so caught up in and take a second to think about what could have been.  I think we just get so caught up in our lives we forget. I do.


Have you ever been in an accident, or so sick that you or your family weren’t sure you’d make it out alive? 


7 thoughts on “Stop for a second

  1. It is so important to remember that our life is a blessing, everyday a gift from God, and be thankful for it. Thank you my dear Jena from reminding us of that!

    With the way that Toyota looks, it’s amazing you were able to walk after the accident and not have long term injuries. So glad you are okay! On a happier note, I love that pic of 16-year-old Jena on her first day of school. Now I understand your love for the 4Runner 🙂

    Your question has special significance to me because as you know, I was just in a bad accident. The snow made it too slippery for a truck and trailer to stop for a stop sign, and they slid right into the intersection in front of me. Thank goodness I was going as slow as I was because of the snow, or I can’t imagine how hard I would have hit them. Besides a totaled car and some chiropractice care, I have no lasting problems and I am so grateful to God for that.
    Take care of yourself, and thanks for the reminder about what’s important!

  2. Before I turned 18 I managed to total three cars – two of which were flipped upside down in the ditch…both time I had to unbuckle my seatbelt, drop DOWN onto the ROOF of my car and crawl out the window. Not cool. Once I had passengers, but they were okay.


    It saved my life three times…I promise you. I can also promise you I am a much better driver – driving a stick shift makes a difference – forces me to pay attention to everything and use both hands! I was young and dumb..

    Glad you survived! Looking back on those photos is scary and enlightening!

  3. How scary. You have me double thinking being at work today as the snow comes down.

    When I was little my family got into a head-on collision with a drunk driver on Thanksgiving night. None of us had lasting damage, but it was pretty scary and out in the middle of nowhere so I remember being scared and freezing as we sat and waited for help.

    Don’t drive drunk people! There is no reason good enough and there is no excuse!

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