no fish, no

This weekend our friends come over to stay with us, yay!


They brought us those SUPAH cute seahorse candle holders! Love them!

Sherry ran the 10k yesterday, and she did super awesome!

Chris & Billy went fishing and they did not do so awesome. They got 3 snapper, which will get in my belly later this week, yum! Sadly the fish were not really cooperating this weekend.


Chris and I went fishing today and we did even worse. We only caught 2 snapper, neither one were keepers. Bummer.

I have no fish to show you, so I’ll just show you pictures of our trip instead.

043 042

047 048 DSC02751 DSC02752



Epic FAIL= Baking Bread.

It really doesn’t even deserve an explanation. I attempted to make my first
loaf(ves) of bread and it was a very sad fail.

I’m going to bed. I am so cranky it’s ridiculous. I’m annoying myself.


2 thoughts on “no fish, no

  1. I’m so jealous that you got to go fishing! You would appreciate the tank top I bought this past weekend at the boat show that says “Girls Fish Too”. Now if I can ever actually get a chance to GO fishing.

    What went wrong with your bread baking?

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