Race Report: St. Pete Classic 5k

Saturday morning was my first race of 2011. I set a goal for 2011 to PR in each distance I’ve previously raced, so I set out to PR in this 5k.

I posted previously about whether or not I should run the 10k. I was still deciding on Wednesday right before I registered. I decided the 5k was the way to go.

The race was 1.5hrs away. ughh. This meant a 4:30 wake up call, and leave the house by 5:15. Race time was at 7:30am.

Right off the bat I about busted my butt as soon as the gun went off. We were crowded in the corral and I was up against the side railing. There was a cone that I did not see and I nearly fell. I totally did not see that cone there. 😦

After that everything went well. I went off like a bat out of hell. I started out at a little over a 7:00 pace. AH! WHOAAAA, slow down. I slowed down, but I kept speeding up.

I had a hard time keeping a steady pace. I kept bouncing around between 7:10-7:45. I needed to maintain 7:45 to PR.

I’m still waiting for the official results to be posted on cool runnings, but the paper at the race said my time was 24:17, woohoo! My 5k time prior to this was 24:26.  My legs were feeling a little tired in mile 1, and I started to worry. I kept pushing on because I really, really wanted to PR at this race. I don’t know what happen but mile 3 I felt awesome. I felt like I was floating, it rocked!

The break down:

1- 7:48
2- 7:56
3- 7:30

I hit the start button on my garmin so my time is all messed up on it.

They gave age group awards for 5 deep, and I got 5th in my age group.Woot

032 I’m not exactly sure who the people are. I believe that they gave these out as awards in Memorium of someone.

035 Back of the shirt says, “In Loving Memory of Wendy”

034 Love the front design. I think it might be the coolest looking race shirt I’ve ever gotten! It’s also long sleeve.

036 We also got these cool bags! I was pretty impressed w/ the bags & shirts.

This was a really great event. Initially I was irritated because the 5k started an hour before the 10k. I was running the 5k, and two friends were running the 10k. It worked out for us though. They were able to keep my stuff (jacket/bag) while I ran, and I held their stuff while they ran.

I was a little worried that I would regret running the 5k, and that I would be jealous that my friends were running the 10k while I sat on the sidelines. Didn’t happen. I was totally happy to have run the 5k, and I was glad to sit out this 10k. I was able to run hard for my 5k, and I don’t think I could have done that with the 10k. I’m still babying my hip a little bit. Hopefully this week it will be fine, and I can get my normal mileage back in. I am 9 weeks out from my half, so I need to start really training! I think I’ll print out a new 9wk training plan from Runners World.

They had an after party where they had a ton of food, beer, smoothies, and a live singer. It was pretty cool.

Sherry & Jenny about to run their 10k!





Happy Weekend Ya’ll!


11 thoughts on “Race Report: St. Pete Classic 5k

  1. Wow. I liked you a lot… until I saw the sidebar pic of you in a UF shirt.

    We are no longer friends.

    KIDDING! This Nole married a Gator, so I can’t be tooooo judgemental.

    COngrats on the 5k! You are such a badass!

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