What my name is, who my name..

shicka chika chika slim shady. 


uhm, anyways. Pretend that didn’t happen.


9.5 weeks, 66 days, 1584 hours until my March 20th half-marathon. I have been feeling so unmotivated to run. I just.don’t.want.to.

I ran a whopping 1 mile tonight before my  stomach started cramping up. I really wasn’t feeling it anyways so I used it as an excuse to get off the treadmill.

Tomorrow probably isn’t going to work out real well for running. My BFF is @ the hospital right NOW. That baby is not cooperating, she is holding on for dear life and does not want to come out ;-).

Oh, the reason I can’t, probably won’t, run tomorrow is that I might go to the hospital if all goes well. We’ll see, it depends on when she is born and how the Bffer is feeling tomorrow. I refuse to be one those crazy intrusive people. Give me a break, she just pushed a kid out, I doubt she wants 5,000 people around. Whatever. Let me get off my soap box now. kaythanks.


Back to the training plan, or lack there of, and training for my upcoming half-marathon. I’m in this funk right now, and I hope it goes away soon. Running 13.1 miles sounds like one of the stupidest ideas ever. I know how great I will feel afterwards, so that’s a plus, but oh the training.

I’m hoping after my 5k this weekend I will be rejuvenated. I hope I can PR, and then feel better, and get my running game back on.

My current highest mileage run is 7 miles. I know that I can get to 13.1 in 9 weeks. It just seems so daunting right now.

Alright, I’m done talking about that. Just thinking about it makes me tired. I’ll think about it more later.


Wyatt has started this new spinning in circles thing. It originated with the helicopter, but now he does it just because. It’s hilarious. This video shows him doing it with the helicopter. I’ll try to catch him doing it just because he likes it. He is a weirdo, but he’s a sweet weirdo.




Happy Wednesday Ya’ll.


7 thoughts on “What my name is, who my name..

  1. I hear ya about the training. Two days ago, I put out there that I thought I would run a particular late-March half. Yesterday, I got a plane ticket to Vegas that weekend, scratch that half marathon plan that lasted all of 24 hours.

    Today’s big plan is to run a May full. Hahaha. Or maybe just sit on my tail for the winter.

    • After hearing everyone talk about Chicago I totally thought I was ready to conquer the 26.2 challange. Then, I thought about it some more. Nope, not yet. 26.2 miles is like, forever. Maybe 2012 will be my year for the marathon, who knows. I’m in no hurry, that’s for sure. As far as fall half marathons, I haven’t decided yet. Training over the summer is just flat out miserable. But, if I plan for a fall half then I have a reason for running through the summer and not sitting on the couch soaking up trash TV.

  2. I am so, so ready to be done with training for my 10-miler. It’s a month away and it can’t get here soon enough.

    I’m going to relish the months before training for the fall half marathons that I haven’t even picked out yet.

    • Oy! I’m not even thinking about a fall half yet. I haven’ t even registered for the March half. I’m afraid to register. I need to register, maybe that will make me start my training plan. Hmm, I wonder if that works or if it just sounds good in my head?

      • I have to register far, far in advance. Once it’s paid for and you tell everyone and their momma you’re running it you have to train for it. Best motivation ever.

        I need to find a fall race soon because I want to travel for one and that’s going to take planning and budgeting.

  3. Why is it that I like the idea of running and doing a big race (and sometimes even the idea of training) but a lot of days the actual running isn’t that swell ??

    We all feel like that sometimes. Don’t push it too much. If shorter races are better for the time being, then do those. You will get back to longer distances eventually. And if you want to do that March 1/2, then go for it because I know you can do it!!

    Deciding on races is such a weird thing, and nobody has anything sympathy unless their also a runner. My H is definitely no help in this dept, so I’m guessing your’s is maybe the same? 🙂

    Hope everything goes well for you friend and the baby!

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