I’ve been thinking all day long about accountability. I read a boat load of blogs. Most of them, shoot, I’d say 98% of them are health/running related blogs.

A lot of them document their food. Sometimes I wonder why? I mean, some of the blogs are food blogs and I get some good recipes from them. Others are not food blogs, they are health blogs or running blogs and they still document their food.

So, I’ve been trying to understand why documenting breakfast, lunch, and dinner almost every day of the week is necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not being negative about this. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it AT ALL. In fact, I enjoy seeing some of the things people eat. Sometimes I get ideas for my own meals.

I just wonder if there is another reason behind documenting their food.

My question: If you document your food, why? Does it make you feel more accountable? Does it help you to keep eating under control knowing that you are going to post what you ate for the world to see?


I get that. I get that documenting your food would definitely keep you accountable for the things that you’ve eaten through out the day.

I like the idea of it, and I think it might even help me to stop drinking Dr. Pepper, and to chill out on the sweets. The things I eat are not interesting enough to take pictures of the things I eat multiple times a day.

Occasionally I take a picture of dinner, like this seafood pasta with marinara sauce we had for dinner tonight.


Whole wheat linguini, frozen seafood (cooked obviously) and “home made” marinara sauce. (More about this in a minute).

This morning was a rough morning for me. I changed clothes no less than 5 times. I could not find anything to wear that was even a little bit comfortable. It was a total struggle to leave the house in clothes that I was not comfortable in.

Because of my morning I was very conscious of what I was eating. Very. Every thing that I put in my mouth I was thinking about whether or not I should eat it, and would I be embarrassed to put it on my blog for the world to see?

I’m not sure where I want to go with this?

I need some answers first. Do you document your food, not necessarily publicly, but at all?  I don’t mean count calories, I just mean, document your food intake throughout the day.


Last week Meghann @ MealsandMiles posted about a dinner she made with a bag of frozen seafood. Seafood you say, I’m all over that. I never even knew such a thing existed at Publix. Sunday when I was grocery shopping I picked up a bag and planned on using this as one of my meals for the week.

I love pasta and seafood. Yum. My problem was a sauce. I wasn’t sure what kind of sauce to use. I decided on Marinara sauce. I know you can buy marinara sauce in the jar, but right now I’m kind of into this “making my own” thing.

I like trying to make my own spaghetti sauce.. yah, still working on that one.

I’m obsessed with, so I went on there to find a recipe for some marinara sauce. I’m pretty impressed with out it turned out.

I loved the combination, Chris was not a fan. I learned that he does not like marinara and seafood. He actually doesn’t really like anything that was in the seafood except the shrimp. Oops. Learn something new everyday.


One more picture before I hit the road.

I needed coffee. I had no milk in the office, ah!  I took a walk to the hospital cafeteria hoping that they would #1. be open {they have weird hours} and #2. have milk.


Voila! Milk in a vending machine. Weird, but good. I wanted that milk w/ the yellow label because it was lowfat. Apparently I didn’t rotate the thing around enough because I ended up with regular milk (eehhhh).


Happy Tuesday Ya’ll!


4 thoughts on “Accountability

  1. I guess I’m the other 2% ofblogs you read that are about cows and farms 🙂 I suppose I also fall into the category of fitness/ running.

    No, I don’t document my food. I sometimes post a picture and recipe if I think something was interesting or tasty, but usually I don’t worry too much about what I eat. I do make a conscious effort to eat more fresh fruit/ veggies than I used to, and we cook a lot at home. I suppose there’s lots of reasons why people post everything they eat and it may work for them, but don’t feel bad if it doesn’t work for you. Document if you want, but don’t let it drive you nuts.
    Yay for find milk, but sorry you didn’t get the kind you wanted!

  2. No I don’t take pictures of all I eat frankly because I think it is boring to read others who do this. How many ways can they jazz up
    oatmeal? Plus I find it a tad but unhealthy to obsess over everything I eat in that manner. Not to mention I have the same thing for breakfast and lunch 90% of the time.

  3. I don’t document food on my blog unless it’s something new/good that I want to share. I do keep a mental log of what I eat and from counting calories when I was losing weight, I can pretty quickly tally up a rough estimate of my calories for the day. I don’t think it’s unhealthy to do so as long as it doesn’t become obsessive. I definitely agree with Carolyn, though. All of the oatmeal pictures in the blog world are getting a little old.

  4. I (obviously) post recipes that I make, but I don’t blog about what I eat day to day. I think I would be pretty embarassed if people knew half of the stuff that I actually end up eating. I usually start my day with some type of plan in mind, but life happens. Last night’s plan for chicken tacos morphed into a bowl of mashed potatoes topped half with ketchup and half with barbeque sauce. Most people would be grossed out to see a photo of that dinner on my blog.

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