New plan

This morning I met up with Carolyn @ the Suncoast Trail to bang out a 7 mile run. We decided that since it’s been cool all day lately we didn’t have to meet at the butt crack of dawn. We met at 9 and it was really nice to sleep until 6:45 instead of having to get up at 5.

I think that our run went pretty well. We are both suffering from various pains and we weren’t exactly sure how this run was going to go. We kept the pace a little slower then our last few runs and we were able to complete the entire 7 miles with a 9:25 pace. I am very pleased with a 9:25 pace.



I decided last night that after I got done running I would come home and do Jillian’s 6week 6 Pack. So, I came home, and started the work out.

Right in the beginning of the work out Jillian has me doing burpies. I could do them alright the other day, but they didn’t work out so well today. I’m pretty sure I did something to my abdominal muscle(s). I felt this excruciating pain like someone stabbed me in the left side of my abdomen a little up and over from my belly button. I tried to do another one and it just wasn’t happening.

Here is my opinion on this workout. It’s not for beginners. I have very little core strength and not very much upper body strength. This work out is not for me, not right now at least.

My Plan: I am going to do Jillian’s 30 Day Shred as a build up to the 6 week 6 pack. I partially did 30DS last year. I liked the video, and I did see results. I don’t remember why I didn’t stick with it.


I also got one of Bob Harpers work out videos. Target had a coupon for $5 off one of his DVDs with the purchase of any 3 quaker breakfast items. I bought 3 boxes of oatmeal and got $5 off the video.


While I was at target I picked up a few cute Valentines Day things.

019 022

Cute cute cute!

Also while I was at target today I found a cute comforter that I think I might want for our guest bedroom. I’ve been looking for a comforter since we moved in back in June. I’m just so indecisive and I can’t commit to paying $100+ for a comforter, ah, scary!


It’s not exactly the look that I am going for, but for $40 I think I could handle it. I really like the color, and it was actually really soft. We have some friends coming to stay with us over the weekend and I would like to have a nice bed set in there.

One of my 2011 Goals is to menu plan. After I decided that finishing the 6 week 6 pack wasn’t going to happen, I got a shower and got to work on my grocery list and menu plan.

This week I have planned:

Pizza- home made whole wheat crust. I haven’t totally decided on the toppings.
Chicken ‘n Dumplins
Seafood Pasta- whole wheat linguini , and I haven’t figured out a sauce yet. Marinara?

I only have 4 meals because I couldn’t think of a 5th meal, and I really wasn’t feeling like sitting looking for another recipe. Maybe I’ll add chicken pot pie to the list.

Check out this pot pie I made last week.


Isn’t it beautiful? It tasted delicious too! Chris just finished it off tonight. It last us about 3 days, dinner, lunch, dinner, and an after fishing snack for Chris today.


I think it’s time to wrap this up. I need to make that wheat dough tonight and figure out how to keep it until tomorrow or Tuesday.


Happy Sunday ya’ll


3 thoughts on “New plan

  1. Time out! You make your own dough for that pizza?! Who are you?? haha. How do you make it?

    Also I have a post topic request from you: something about your schedule… like what your days look like when you have a day you do a pretty involved dinner, work, run/work out… whatever else you do during a day. I know you mention stuff here and there about when you wake up or when you do your work outs but I need a play by play here because I feel very lazy and unorganized with my time when I read your blog sometimes!

    • Ha ha, you are crazy. I know, hard to believe I make my own pizza dough. I bought one of those premade crusts from Publix before and it was horrible. The dough is kind of time consuming, but I normally start it a few hours before we are ready to eat. I know, a little crazy, but it’s the best dough recipe I have found. I’ll e-mail it you. Love you lots!

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