It’s been a week.

Happy New Year! Did I tell you Happy New Year yet? I don’t remember, so If I didn’t, Happy New Year…again.


Our New Year’s Eve was nothing exciting, it’s really worth writing an entire post about. We stayed at home, and hung out. Chris got a new monopoly game so we played that.


I totally suck at Monopoly. I can’t haggle or bargain. Chris & his brother on the other hand. They can bargain each other all night.


Saturday I spent my entire day in pajamas, it was awesome. I blogged, watched the Gator game, and just chilled out.

I also got in a 4mi run. All day I was reading blogs, and tweets and everyone was kicking their New Year’s off right, and I was sitting on the couch in my pajamas.

032 The main channel around the corner from my house.


The crab boat that sits at one of the dock.


Shrimp boats on the main channel.


Does this qualify as negative splits?

I am having some nagging left hip pain. It’s been attacking me for several days during my runs. I thought maybe it was time for new shoes, so I ordered new shoes. Then I started looking @ the mileage I have on these shoes and it’s not enough to be causing the pain, so, I’m stumped.

I’m hoping it’s just over-usage soreness. I’ve run 6 days in a row, which is more days in a row then I run in quite a while. I am going to take 2 days off, and self-medicate w/ Ibuprofen during the day, and muscle relaxers at night. I hope this cures the pain.

Today I went running w/ the Suncoast Striders. We met @ Starkey park and headed out a little after 7am. I don’t really “run” with anyone, but I run “with in” the group. Everyone kind of has their running buddies and everyone starts out around 7 , run their miles, then meet back up for some good camaraderie, treats, and drinks. Even thought I’m new to the group, I enjoy running with in the group and talking to a few people afterwards. (Hi David!)


A beautiful humid as hell morning in Starkey Park.


Sorry for the blur. I saw 2 deer crossing the road as I was driving out of the park! So cool!!!


My hip really started hurting around mile 3.8. I thought I might have to walk back. Every step hurt, and I was getting totally annoyed. Eventually it stopped hurting so bad and the pain subsided to a gentle roar. Definitely reaffirms that I will be taking 2 days off. 


Happy Sunday Ya’ll, hope you had a wonderful New Years. I’m off to take some muscle relaxers and pass out. 🙂


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