The post you’ve been waiting for

Rest easy Blog Friends, I’m going to recap my 2010 for you.

I’ve been pondering on this post for about 2 weeks. Do I want to write a recap? Should I even bother? Every single blog I read has done a recap. Some started out weeks ago. I’m just going to get lost in the land for 2010 recaps, so why even waste my time in writing this post?

I kept thinking about it and came to this conclusions: My blog is for me. If I want to recap 2010 then I should, even if every other blogger out there is doing the same. My blog is like a not-so-private diary of my life. I’ve blogged pretty consistently all year and this is a good way for me to highlight the best parts of my year, or the not so good parts. I can look back at my blog in a few years and relive the feelings I felt, and the things I accomplished. So, without further ado, my 2010 recap.


I would say that 2010 has been an insane year for us at the LIBK house hold. It was a big year for health, personal growth, and a physical move.

In January I started my year out right by PR’ing in the 5k. A time I could not beat all year. I ran in the Winter Haven Citrus Classic and finished with a time of 24:26. All year I’ve been trying to break this time. Did.Not.Happen. I came so close at the Jingle Bell run, but not quite.


February was two firsts for me. My first 15k, and my first “big” race. My sister and I went to Tampa to run in the Gasparilla Distance Classic. We ran in the 15k, and had a great time. This was my first 15k and I was super nervous, and excited. I’d never run a race with so many participants.

_DSC1749 finish line baby

February was also our 1 year wedding anniversary! YAY! Happy Anniversary to us! We booked a hotel in Tampa and we stayed the night, and then went to the Florida Aquarium the next morning, where we fed….SHARKS!!!! AHH!! It was seriously so much fun, and such an awesome experience! I love sharks! They are fascinating, so this was totally awesome::geekalert::

FA_PH1_020710_144143089_01_FA02vzb4759 FA_PH1_020710_144143151_01_FA02vzb4759 DSC01109

March, Oh March. This month started the crazyness that was our 2010. We started building our very first house! It was also the month of my very first half-marathon!

I chose the Florida Beach Halfathon as my first half-marathon. The course runs through Ft. Desoto (which I love). It’s flat, and fast. I couldn’t have asked for a better course for my first half marathon.



April: This month I ran my very first 10k. A small local race in downtown Winter Haven. My goal was to run a sub 1hr race. My chip time was 52:05, woot! April was also a month full of lonely weekends. Chris drove back and forth between our new and Davenport every weekend for the entire month. He usually left on Thursday and came home late Sunday night.

May: OH May! This was a dizzying month for me. Our house was in the finishing stages, I was starting to wonder whether or not I would find a new job before we moved. It was a month of stress and my running was nearly non-existent. I think I ran a total of 12 miles in the month of May.lame. – I moved out of my house in Davenport into my new house, by myself. Chris’ company didn’t transfer him until June. So we lived separately for a few week. My first day of my new job was on May 27th. I got an awesome job, as an Office Manager for an amazing Surgeon. I have been so blessed in this job. It’s been an amazing 7 months!

I also ran a 5k, which I forgot about until I just went back through old blog posts from May. I ran the MidFlorida Mayfaire 5k in downtown Lakeland.


June: June was another insane month for us. We packed up our home in Davenport and made the 2hr trek in the middle of the night to our new home in H-Beach. We were finally living under the same roof.  Apparently I didn’t race in June. I can’t find a race report, and I don’t see anything in my Dailymile log. Wow. Well, it doesn’t really surprise me. My mileage for the month of June was a huge 14 miles. bahaha.

July: I was able to get a handle on my life, create a schedule and get back to running. This is also when school started to take over my life. I registered for an online school in August of 09. I fell way behind because of all the things that went on in the beginning of 2010. I did not recap about the fact that my job at the Urgent Care was insane. We were short staffed and I was working between 50-65hrs.

I did manage to squeeze in a 5k in July. I ran the Run thru Hell in Tampa, with my new friend Carolyn.

August: I don’t remember to much about August. I think it was full of school work, and my mileage increased during the month. I did run a 5k where I took 2nd in my age group.

September:  I ran 2 races in September. Ace of Clubs 10k, and the Zoo Run Run 5k w/ Carolyn. I guess September was fairly uneventful. I did ramp up my mileage and had the 3rd highest mileage of the year this month. I started training for my November half-marathon.

October: I ran the Ace of Hearts 15k. My 2nd 15k and I totally rocked it. October was also a month full of great runs with Carolyn. With a month left until our half-marathon we had some good long runs together. I also had my first run with the Suncoast Striders in October. I’ve only been to run w/ the group 2 or 3 times, but I have enjoyed the few times I’ve been. I hope that 2011 will be full of runs w/ the group (I promise David, I’m going to try harder to get to Starkey Park for the runs!!!)

November: Hmm, November. My 2nd half-marathon was in November. I went in undertrained and mentally defeated before we even crossed the starting line. It was not my most graceful performance, but darnit I finished. “Embrace the Suck” was our motto for that race. I think that pretty much sums it up.

November was also a sad month for my family. We lost a very dear Uncle. My Mom, Sister, and I travelled to Ohio for his funeral. It was quite the trip.

December: Last but not least, and always the busiest. I turned 26 in December, yah, not all that exciting, I know. I ran two races in December. Carolyn and I ran the Jingle Bell 5k, where I came SO close to having a PR, but not quite. Carolyn, Jenny, I also ran the Say No to Drugs 10k, where I again, came close to a PR but not quite. I won’t recap Christmas in my 2010 recap, but you can read about Christmas here if you want.

(Jingle Bell 5k)


I think I’ll end my recap there. It’s impossible to document every single thing that happened during the year. Since this is mostly a running blog, with some other random crap thrown in I tried to keep my recap to running related event with a few other things thrown in. I know it’s, like, super long. To bad.

Hope everyone has a fantastic 2011.

If you made it this far, great.

I made a new page on my blog called, “2011 Priorities” – You can read about my goals for 2011. I’m not going to make an entire post about them. I’m going to keep the page at the top of blog so that I can refer back to it through out the year.

Happy New Year!!


One thought on “The post you’ve been waiting for

  1. I think it’s great you did a re-cap; nice way to look back. Hope you finish your online program soon and meet all your 2011 goals. Happy New Year!

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