Gettin’ it done!

Ooops. I started a post yesterday then never got a chance to finish it.

I got myself out of bed yesterday morning and went for my 2nd morning run, woot.

It was no where near as cold, but it was a little windy. I wore capris, long sleeve shirt, and a fleece vest. I think the vest was over kill, but it was windy and I wasn’t sure. Plus, the vest has a pocket and I put my Iphone in there so I could hear my tunes w/o having to carry it. WIN!

I only did 3 miles. I must admit, I am a little leary of running in the morning, in the dark. The areas are not very well lit, and there is very little traffic that early in the morning around hear.

Chris wants me to take my concealed weapons class, and carry a little pistol. WDYT about that?

So, I only went 3 miles because their are no buildings after 1.5miles out. It’s just woods till you get to the next subdivision. No thanks. To scary for me. Daylight runs are better for longer runs when by myself.

Alright blog friends. I’m off to run some errands. I thought I was going to get to stay in my jammies today. Wrong.


Happy Friday, aka the last day of 2010, Ya’ll.


3 thoughts on “Gettin’ it done!

    • Yay, you are back! We need to plan a run, STAT! Glad you got some running in while you were gone. My runs were lacking mileage. Anything over 3 miles seems so daunting right now; which is not good, since we have a 10k scheduled in a few weeks. 😦

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