Just a smidge

I said last night that I was going to try and go out running this morning, even though the temperature would be below freezing.

I succeeded! I drug myself out of bed, bundled up, took some pictures of how ridiculous I looked, and headed out the door.

I was quite surprised that I actually wasn’t all that cold. The first 3/4 of a mile was a little chilly. Mainly my face was cold, everything else was snuggly.


jena blue excuse the blur.

Layer number one. Tights, Nike Tempos, and an old navy thumb shirt

jena vest oops, blur again. That’s how my vision is in the morning before I put my contacts in, or put my glasses on.

Layer 2 was an old navy fleece vest- that was quite snuggly

jena face

Layer 3. Running jacket, gloves, and ear warmer head band.

Did I go over board? Possibly. I was a little bit warm on the way back but oh well. I’d rather be a little warm then freezing and miserable.


Oh, and a headlight. Lolz. Who knew you could break a sweat in that cold weather! I was definitely sweating by time I made it back to the house. {this iphone is a dangerous thing..unlimited stupid pictures, YES please}

florida snow

and just for giggles, some Florida “Snow” on my Dad’s truck. My car doesn’t get icy because I park in the garage, yay!


My run was pretty uneventful, except for the few seconds where I wasn’t sure If I was going to eat sidewalk or remain upright. I some how managed to remain upright. My phone did go flying, but was unharmed. Phew



I felt just a smidge hardcore this morning while I was out running in the cold. I know I looked like an idiot bundled up and with a head lamp on. Yet, I didn’t care. I was outside, breathing in cool air, and having a great run.

I am going to go out again tomorrow morning. It will be no where near as cold as it was this morning. I think it will be in the 50’s, which is just lovely!


Happy Tuesday Ya’ll – LOL.. Just kidding, It’s Wednesday. WOW. I just looked @ my phone and saw that it said Wednesday, December 29th. Wow.Just wow.


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