Merry Christmas 2010, Ya’ll.

I’m probably the 1001 Christmas recap that you’ve read in the last 2-3 days.

I assure you that, mine will be no where near as interesting as some of the other one’s you’ve read.

Thursday night we went to a Christmas Eve Eve service and then went over to my Mom’s to open presents with the family.

matt maia kailyn presents

My brother-in-law opening presents with his daughter, and our niece.

cali baby

my baby niece Cali

wrapping paper 2020

Yay Christmas!


wyatt walk on christmas eve

Friday morning I took Wyatt for a nice long walk. It was such a beautiful day. He loved exploring. It was a really low tide that morning, and super windy.

Then we went to Chris’ family house to celebrate with them!

jena chris merry christmas 2010 

Saturday we woke up at our own house and just hung out. We didn’t open presents because we already opened our presents to each other earlier in the week. Ha Ha! We couldn’t wait!

Chris got me an Iphone, which was totally unexpected! I was S-U-P-A-H excited! I’ve been asking for a new phone for a year!

I got Chris some Carhartt clothing, none of which fit him. =/ Stupid sizing.

Saturday night we drove back to Clermont to my Aunt’s house to have dinner with more family 🙂


It’s a 2hr drive. Give me a break.


maia and aunt jena











Aunt Jena & Maia playing


Today we slept in a little bit then went shopping. P.s, don’t go shopping the day after Christmas. What a stupid idea. I didn’t know how crazy it would be. We tried to go to Bealles to return some stuff. Ha. We decided we would come back another day. We did return Chris’ carhartt jacket to tractor supply with only a minor snafu. I had to return a shirt to Old Navy, and ended up buying a few other things while I was there. They were having 60% sales, and I couldn’t resist some cute sweaters, and a few vests.

jena vest

Yesterday I discovered there is a Gander Mountain in Ocala {yay!}  I thought they would have Carhartt there so I convinced Chris that we should ride up there and check it out. We drove the back roads and got to see some really beautiful areas.

gander mountain

On our way home we saw:

hogs side of road

HOGS! – There were actually 2 big ones, and a little bitty baby! I wasn’t fast enough to get all three of them. I think the baby is behind that big one there, but the other one had run off in the woods. This is very close to our house. We’ve seen deer, and turkey, but we’ve never seen hogs before!


When we got home I decided that I should really run on the treadmill. I skipped out of running with the group this morning. It was really cold, and super windy this morning. We are actually under a “gale warning” tonight. It’s supposed to be really, really windy.

I chose to stay in bed and skip the windy run. 😦

I got dressed, and headed to the living room to get my treadmill run on.

jena run dec 26

I did 3.2 miles in 31:24, 9:40something pace. This is my first run since last Sunday’s 10k in Clearwater.

I’ve been sick all week and running was just not appealing, at all. I am ready to get back out there and get my run on.

P.S., you will be getting lots of stupid pictures of me. I now have an Iphone, and a full length mirror in my bathroom. YAY!


I will leave you with two silly videos from the weekend.

My Mom got Chris, and my 2 brother-in-laws these remote controlled helicopters that you fly in the house. Chris has been torturing Wyatt with it. Wyatt loves to chase it.

This is my niece Maia being silly.


Merry Christmas Ya’ll


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2010, Ya’ll.

  1. That photo of your niece with the spoon (I think?) is gorgeous…an amazing photo!

    And Maia’s grumpy face is also adorable.

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

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