Race Report: Say No to Drugs 10k

This morning I ran in the 22nd annual Say No to Drugs Holiday Classic. It may be the 22nd annual, but it’s the first time I’ve ever run this race, or course.

I think it’s pretty much common knowledge that the weather in Florida is unpredictable. Therefore, I’ve been watching the weather for about 5 days to see what the temperatures would be.

Sadly, rain was forecasted. First, it was forecasted for the afternoon. Then it was forecasted to start @ 9. Which would have been okay, the race started @ 8, and we were done a little before 9. Then yesterday the forecast changed; it would be raining at start time. Crap.

It was raining at the start of the race, and rained through out the entire race. My arms were pretty cold until about mile 2.5 –

The race started @ Coachman park and went over Memorial Causeway. The causeway is not as steep as it could be, but it was a pretty big climb. I didn’t really have a time goal in mind, just as fast and hard as I could with out bonking.


Hello causeway in mile 1, and mile 6. Slowed me down. I am pretty happy with my time. It was actually better than I was expecting. I thought the first run up the causeway took a lot of out of me and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to sustain my pace for the rest of the race. 

Chip Time: 53:21 
Age: 8/43
OA: 210/559

Check out the elevation chart:



This was my third 10k. Care to compare?

First 10k was in April:

Time: 52:06

Check out the elevation chart:


Really couldn’t get any flatter, huh?

Here is my second 10k: This course totally caught me off guard. horrible race.

Time: 57:07


I wish this chart depicted the seriousness of the hills. I don’t train on hills so they any hill is pretty serious. The last 3 or 4 races I’ve been in have had hills, so maybe I am adjusting to them?

Today was my last race of the year. I will do a race recap of the whole year sometime during the week.

For now I am going to bed. I’m losing my voice and I feel like crap. I’m pretty sure running in the rain today did not help that situation.

Happy Weekend Ya’ll.


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