Chicken pot pie, chicken pot pie

My training schedule said my run was supposed to be : 1mi warm up, 3mi @ 9:30, 1mi cool down for a total of 5mi.

I get a little carried away with this cooler weather and think I’m a super duper fast runner. I took off like a bat out of hell, which wore me down pretty quickly. I was thinking I ran my last 5 mile run @ a pretty decent pace, so I should be able to hang on this run. wrong.

My Achilles started to get achy around 2.5. I stopped to stretch @ mile 3 hoping that would alleviate the pain. Nope. I did one last mile and called it a night. I was also pretty cold. I had a long sleeve wicking shirt on, and capris, and gloves. I started out w/ a jacket but got to hot. I forgot my ear warmer head band thing, my ears were like icicles when I got back in. =/ Oops. Next time I’ll remember to put that on.

Not to shabby of a run. I’ll take it!

I’ve made a few new recipes in the last week or so. I don’t have time to type them all out, but I’ll link the recipes. We tried a chicken pot pie, and a sausage frittata.

Both were seriously delish. The only thing I didn’t really understand in the frittata directions was the red potatoes. Maybe I was just having a blonde moment. Our frittata didn’t have potatoes in it, we had them on the side. I just cooked them up in some olive oil, and they were quite tasty!

DSC02687 Chicken pot pie before going into the oven. I forgot to take pictures after it baked. It was good, trust me.

DSC02713 Sausage frittata, yum!

This was my first time making either one of the recipes. Both were fairly easy and painless, which is what I strive for!

I got both of these recipes from, this is my favorite website. I get really intimidated  by looking at food blogs, I’m just not that creative. I love looking at them, and dreaming, that maybe one day I’ll have time to stand in my kitchen for more then 20 minutes and create a spectacular meal. Until then, me and all recipes are BFF!

Happy Wednesday Ya’ll


2 thoughts on “Chicken pot pie, chicken pot pie

  1. That is a beautiful looking pie. Yum 😀 Did you make the crust yourself or it is pre-made? I ask because I’ve NEVER been able to make a decent pie crust. If you rolled out that beauty on your own, I need you to give me some pointers please!!

    • Lisa, I most definitely did not make that crust. I rolled it right out of the walmart box 🙂 I have never tried my own crust. If I had more time I might like to.. Oh, I make my own pizza crust, but never a pie crust. I’ve never baked a pie that I can remember.

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