My niece Kailyn came over and spent the weekend with Chris and me. My Mom told me that Kailyn has been talking about fishing for a while now. She has never been and she was i-t-c-h-i-n-g to go, like bad. I also had other things on our agenda, but fishing was the main priority. We picked her up late Friday night so that we could go fishing first thing Saturday morning.

We planned on being out on the water by 7am. Ha ha. Chris ended up getting up @ 6, and Kailyn & I got up around 7.  We eventually got out on the water around 8ish. Oh well. It was super cold, so I didn’t mind. I had Kailyn bundled up like a little eskimo!

Sorry for the crappy resolution. It doesn’t look like that when I look @ it on a different program on my computer.

Uncle Chris gettin’ it done with the Barbie Pole. I have to say, that Barbie pole was a whole lot stronger than I was anticipating. I was thinking one good fish and it would be over with. She caught 8 fish on that thing and two of them were pretty good sized lady fish.

The smallest barracuda I’ve ever seen was caught on the Barbie pole. That barbie pole was rackin’ up the fish. She caught a grand total of 8 fish. Which is more then Chris and I have caught in a single fishing trip since we’ve lived in H-Beach.


After we went fishing we came home, drank some hot chocolate, ate black bean soup, changed clothes then headed out to go Christmas shopping. I have to say, that was a dumb idea. It was like black Friday all over again. It was insane, but we got almost all my Christmas shopping done.


Aunt Jena & Kailyn about to go shopping


As I said in an earlier post Kailyn & I chose a child from a local home that we would buy a present for. Kailyn was as into it as I hoped, but we picked a girl out, and we bought her the things on her list. Maybe Kailyn will remember it, maybe she won’t. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.


Of course she had to have some Strawberries & Cream

A sweet Nike windbreaker I got @ Marshalls for $16

excuse the pink chair- our counter tops are to high for Kailyn to brush her teeth/wash hands so I bring in this pink chair. Yah, I need a stool. Oh, and over flowing hamper, you don’t see that either.

Chris installed a full-length mirror in our bathroom and that equals lots of stupid pictures of what I’m wearing. yay! We went to an oyster bar for dinner. My shirt says, “Dear Santa, I can explain.” I found this in my closet that has all my “Winter” clothes in it. Oh, and the grey shirt underneath, that’s the old navy wicking shirt with thumb holes. This running shirt has become a multi-purpose shirt.

We also went to a boat parade. It was a small boat parade, like 6 boats, and it was cold and foggy. I have a video, but it’s like 3min long, and it’s not that interesting. I’ll spare you.. you’re welcome 😉

There was a birthday party for a drunk very nice lady at the oyster bar. Two of the guys kept bringing Kailyn these rings. Fun times.

She was not digging that octopus/pirate statue thing. She said, “it’s creepy.”  The eyes look kind of real. Ew.


I’m exhausted. I love having her over, but ZOMG! I’m so exhausted come Sunday! Very soon I will have Kailyn & Maia over for a slumber party, yay!

Happy Weekend Ya’ll. I’m going to bed. I’m getting sick. Sore throat, sore body, and my skin is super sensitive = no good.


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  1. Looks like you had a very fun weekend! The next time I got fishing with the in-laws I’m going to invest in a Barbie pole…I’ll tell them it is for my little step-sister-in-law (mouthful!) and then dominate at fishing! Of course, we are already pretty good at catching the poor baby fish…

    And cute Nike jacket!

  2. What a wonderful weekend – you are a great aunt! I also can’t believe all the fish the Barbie poll brought in, your neice must have natural talent that runs in the family 🙂

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