Christmas time makes me more thankful for my family, friends, job, and whatever else than Thanksgiving. I don’t know why. To me, Thanksgiving is just about eating Turkey w/ family. Be honest, you can pretty much do that any time of year. Christmas just feels different to me. The whole month of December just feels different; and no, it’s not because my birthday is this month. December just has a feeling of giving. The good in people comes out in December. There is a Radiothon going on with my favorite radio station. US 103.5 is doing a radiothon for All Children’s hospital in Tampa. I would link you to the website, BUT my linky thing isn’t working =/

There is the Salvation Army Tree in Walmart, or various other trees that have childrens names on them. These trees warm my little heart. I chose a little Salvation Army Angel the other day off the tree and it made me so happy to be able to buy this child a simple few things that she asked for.

This time of year makes me realize just how fortunate I am. I never wondered if I would have Christmas presents under the tree. I never wondered where my next meal would come from, and I never, ever, ever wondered whether or not my parents loved me.

This weekend I have my niece, Kailyn, and we are going to do something for someone else. I think it’s really important that she understands how fortunate she is. So, we are going to go on the website of a local children home and choose a child that needs some Christmas brought into their life. Kailyn will pick the child, and she will pick what presents she wants to get them {according to the list}.

Yesterday was a rest day, and so is today. My quads are a little sore and I’m not exactly sure why. Was it that 5mi run I did on Wednesday? I ran pretty hard, but not hard enough to be sore. I did wear 4in heels yesterday, but I normally wear heels to work. Maybe it’s a combination of the two. Who knows.


She's so sweet. She's not supposed to be on the couch, but she was, and I couldn't resist putting the blanket over her and taking pictures.


Wyatt sits so funny. What a sweet boy


Happy Friday Ya’ll

2 thoughts on “ChristmasThanksgiving.

  1. Wyatt does sit funny – I love it 😀

    How awesome that you’re spending time with your neice and combining it with helping kids who need it. Have a great weekend.

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