I welcome you, cold weather.

I think that I am definitely a cold(er) weather runner. Not a freezing weather runner. I don’t want my eyelashes freezing together and I have no desire to run through snow and dodge ice patches. I’m happy with this cold spell we are going through this week.

Last night when I sent out on my run I had it in my head that I was supposed to do a tempo run. I set out and I could tell right away that the 1mile warm up, 3 mi @ 8:58, 1 mile cool down wasn’t going to work out. I wanted run, just run, as fast as I could tolerate.

I had a super great run {besides the side cramp that stopped me dead in my tracks and forced me to slow my pace way down for a mile}. I felt strong, my breathing was good {or so I thought, maybe that is the culprit of my side cramp}. I was like a little free bird out there just running, running, running. I felt like a runner.

Aside from that pesky mile of 9:41 I’m pretty pleased with this run. I will not say I was going SOOOOOO SLOW, mainly because Shelby said not to.  I am totally enjoying this cooler weather, running wise. Everyday life wise, not so much. I seriously do not have a whole lot of warm clothes, especially warm dress clothes for work. This week I only have to find something to wear today, and tomorrow and I wore scrubs the other three days. Next week, hmm, going to be a problem.

Did I already tell you that Carolyn signed us up for a 10k next weekend?  Here is the course map. Don’t be fooled by what looks like a long straight away across the water. It is a big-ass bridge.

I am 2 weeks into half-marathon training and so far so good. I did miss my 6mi run last weekend, and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to get it in this weekend. I’m picking my neice up Saturday morning for a weekend of Aunt Jena & Kailyn time. =-)    I am feeling a little more confident with my running right now. This summer killed me. It was my first summer actually running and I guess I didn’t realize how much the heat takes out of you. 

January 2nd marks 1 year that I have been tracking my runs. It’s pretty interesting to go back and look at all the numbers. What a geek.

Happy Thursday Ya’ll!


4 thoughts on “I welcome you, cold weather.

  1. Well I’m glad that someone likes the colder weather haha. I’m a Texan so I’m also a big baby when it comes to the cold. However, I function perfectly well in 105 degree heat.

    I’m not sure how it is for runners as I’m about 9 months new to the sport. However, for us cyclists, this is the time of year to get in base miles. We’ll do long 3-4 hour rides and keep the heart rate at the low end of the target zone. This allows us to rack up the miles without getting hurt (easiest in the winter).

    Thanks for posting. I’d love to tackle that bridge!


  2. I’m a cold weather runner for sure, well, within reason anyway. I think the optimal temperature for me is between 35 and 45 degrees.

    Good luck at your race! I don’t have any races on my calendar until next November, I guess I’m just cruising until then unless I decide to commit to something.

  3. Wow – look at that bridge! Happy 10K training and 1/2 training. Remind me when your next 1/2 is coming up again? It seems like you posted about one in December, but I don’t think that’s what you mean…

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