I don’t have any, and that is obvious.

Check out this mess:

This is pages, pages, and more pages of addresses that I have accumulated since the wedding. Why don’t I invest in an address book, you ask? I have no idea. I should, huh? I’ve been sifting through those papers for a while now looking for addresses. We are sending out Christmas cards for the first time ever.

Today has sort of been a mix of unproductive(ness) with a little productivity thrown in for good measure. I went grocery shopping, did some homework, and started addressing Christmas cards. I also made some SUPAH slammin’ chili, it was seriously SO good. I could have eaten 2 or 3 bowls.  I only ate one, then had some ice cream, mmm.

I did not run today, I wanted to, but it didn’t happen. There is a cold front rollin’ in and that equals super windy conditions with a mix of rain. No thanks. Maybe I can get up early in the morning and get a few miles in.

Happy Sunday Ya’ll


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