Race Report- Jingle Bell 5k

This morning I ran in the Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell 5k.

It was 37* when I left the house @ 5:30 this morning, brr. I was prepared though, I dressed appropriately and I didn’t feel cold at all. Plus, Carolyn bought us “hot hands” and I really think those helped!

I wore an Old Navy long sleeve shirt w/ thumb holes, on top of that I wore a Nike dri-fit short sleeve shirt, and those awesome blue old navy gloves! I also wore gray capris, under my sparkle skirt. I kept the “hot hands” in my gloves until about mile 2.5, then I took my gloves off. I also had to take my watch off mid run so I could push up my sleeves. I could have survived w/ my sleeves down but it was more comfortable w/ them pushed up.

This was a really great race for me. I felt strong the entire time. My breathing was totally under control, I really felt great. It was a good little redemption run after our half. The course was nothing spectacular. It was 2 loops around the parking lot of a local mall. There were 2 small inclines. I really didn’t have a problem with them. I would have preferred a flat out and back, but this course wasn’t horrible. I felt like it went by really fast.

As we were rounding the last corner into the last straight away I told Carolyn, “Let’s give it all we’ve got.” I took off and finished strong in 24:50 according to my Garmin. According to the papers they posted shortly after the race my chip time was 24:44.. but according to the result website my time was 25:15. I do not like that result website, I’m hoping they are going to update it w/ the chip times, otherwise, what is the point?

Did you notice my Blue SPARKLE SKIRT? It’s pretty, right? So, there is this totally awesome organization that has these totally cool Sparkle Skirts. When we signed up for the Jingle Bell 5k I had no real plans of dressing up. I don’t think running in a santa claus outfit was really going to work, holy hotness. Carolyn had other ideas. She came across the Team-Sparkle website and promptly told me to sign up for a sparkle shirt so we could SPARKLE, SPARKLE, SPARKLE together! Suh-Weet!

So, this sparkle skirt thing is pretty cool actually! #1, it’s FREE. Hello, who doesn’t LOVE a good, free, SPARKLE skirt. #2 You kick major booty in the sparkle skirt, then you mail it to someone else so they can also kick major booty in the sparkle skirt. #3, I totally ran a faster race then I was expecting, MUST have been the Sparkle skirt!

C’mon, how cool is this? I’m totally loving it!

Now for some pictures, because every body loves pictures!

They said, "Act like a reindeer." How does a reindeer act?

We hung around for the awards ceremony, which was in a restaurant/bar thing. It was nice that it was inside, but it was SO crowded. We didn’t win any awards, I several minutes to shave off before I start winning awards in races of that size!

After the awards, Carolyn, Jenny & I went to Starbucks and enjoyed some hot coffee & tea. It was a great time to hang around and talk with some great ladies!

Happy Weekend Ya’ll!


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