Not ready

I’m not putting away my summer work attire yet. I’m not convinced that summer is really over. I looked @ the 10 day forecast, lo and behold, it will be nearly 80 by next weekend, woot!

I’m looking forward to it warming up next weekend. My niece is coming over for the weekend and we are going to take her fishing. Fishing when it’s nearly freezing outside is not enjoyable, especially when you are cruising around on the boat. Brrr!

Yesterday was a rest day as far as running goes, and so is today. Tomorrow I’m running in the Jingle Bell 5k, woot!

I’m getting my hair colored tonight and I am! It’s WAY past due and my roots are looking a hot, hot mess. You can see them in that picture, but TRUST ME, they are bad.

Happy Friday Ya’ll, enjoy the weekend!


5 thoughts on “Not ready

  1. You and your silly 80 degree weather…

    Okay, that is pure jealousy. The areas SOUTH of us have more snow than we do because it is TOO COLD TO SNOW here. Go figure.

    • bahaha. Yes, 80* weather. It’s not good for running, but it’s good for everything else!

      I thought of you this morning when I was deciding what to wear to work.. Should I wear that sweater dress w/ some crazy bright pink tights. I chickened out. I haven’t had time to find any “plum” colored tights.. See HERE for the tights I Was going to wear. Scroll to the almost bottom of the page. They are the tights I wore at my wedding, and i’m talking HOT PINK.. Maybe one day, but not today.

  2. Good luck with the Jingle Bell 5K! I am super jealous you’re getting your hair colored. I always love going to the salon and as long as I have enough time, I think it’s SO relaxing to get my hair colored. Alas, now that I’m close to my natural color, I won’t have many long salon trips anymore 😦

    Be sure to post a pic of your freshly colored hair!

    • Oh yes, getting my hair colored is the BEST kind of relaxation EVAH! I yawn through the whole thing, and I’m so relaxed I could fall asleep, oh boy, I can’t wait! I will post pics, but I don’t think there will be much difference! I think I’m going to lighten it up just a little to get closer to my natural color. Or maybe I should keep it dark so I can always have an excuse to go back and get it colored again, =)

      BTW, how do you do the emoticons? I CAN NOT figure it out!

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