You asked for it

This post will be dedicated to my Bff, D*Faye-

Do you want me to tell everyone “our story.” Lol.. I’m cracking up over here.

Once upon a time, D*Faye was friends w/ my little sister. That was like 10 years ago, or more. D*Faye and my sister did not like me, I was the “mean” older sister.. ya damn right I was.
That’s really all I remember about that. I don’t have any stories to tell about her except for the one time that her and my sister snuck over to my cousins and got drunk with another one of their friends. Or, the one time that.. no, I’m just kidding. One story is enough. She is probably in the process of texting me right now telling me to take this post down, but I will not.

Oh, on to how we actually became friends. You see, she was desperate for a friend, and I was desperate for a friend so we just decided we should be friends. No, that’s not really how it happened. Only half of that equation is true. It was October 2007, and I was a heartbroken, miserable, and lonely, lonely girl. D*Faye realized I was a loser and asked If I wanted to hang out. I said yes, and the rest is history.

I wish I had something really funny to say, but I don’t right now. It’s funny enough that I’m going to dedicate an entire post to you, full of ridiculous pictures. Don’t worry though, I don’t have access to the pictures of your 21st birthday right now, but If I did.. I’d post those too. This post will be chock full of mushy love all for my BFF, because secretly, you asked for it.


Sometimes we had really great ideas. Going to disney @ 5am to volunteer for the Disney princess and then walk around Disney for the rest of the day was not one of those times where we had a really great idea. I blame that all on you, just so you. =)

Do you remember this night? Me either.

Or this one.

She was there for me through the hard times of 2007-2008

and she was there for the good times of 2009

We are BFFs 4-evah!


3 thoughts on “You asked for it

  1. HAHAHA!!! I’m so dedicating one back to you when I find crazy pictures!! Our story is pretty crazy.. weird.. random. I love you now though so that’s all that matters.

    PS-I also love how in EVERY picture on here, our hair is different. lol.

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