Hey, I’m warm.

The thermometer says its 37* right now, it’s 6:28am. Brrr baby, that’s cold.  I am glad for the cold weather that is moving in the for the next few days, but 37 is kind of extreme, know what I’m sayin’?

I was just standing in the kitchen preparing my oatmeal and I thought, “Hey, It’s 37* outside, and I’m not even cold.” I mean, that is logical for most people, that inside their house it would be warmer than it is outside. Yeah, that makes sense. Well, when you’ve lived in a single wide trailer that had no central heat for 4.5 years, this is a pretty big revelation!  I think i could walk around my house nakey and be warm. Lol, did I go to far there? To bad.   In our trailer we had an a/c unit, but it blew lukewarm air in the winter. Last winter was pretty brutal for us, it was really cold in FL.. and that = really cold in the LIBK mobile-mansion.

In case you didn’t read the post where I talked about where we moved from you can read it here.

So, I’m a little late on the “thanks” part of Thanksgiving, but I have to say that I am SUPAH THANKFUL for our house. Like, SUPAH! I Thank God fairly regularly for allowing us the opportunity to build our own home that we can be proud of.

Happy Thursday Ya’ll!  Gotta skeedaddle and get ready for work.



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