Christmas came early

I am running in a Jingle Bell 5k this Saturday. I wanted to be kind of festive and @ least have a red shirt. I have a green-ish sparkle skirt {more on that in a minute} but I needed a shirt to go with it.

I went to Ross. Normally, I never have any luck with running clothes at Ross. I think I always get there when everything has been gone through and all that’s left is what no one else wanted. Today was my lucky day, I feel like I hit the jack pot at Ross! I found a RED NIKE DRI FIT shirt($8.99) . I’m telling you, that is pure luck. There were two of them, one in medium, one in small. This never happens. Then, as I was sifting through the running clothes, I found a great pull over jacket ($19.99), AND I found a grey pair of Everlast capris (i forget how much).. AND THEN I found a pair of running tights for 6.99… 6.99 people, amazing! Woohoo! I don’t know how excited Chris is going to be, but I’m pretty excited about the situation.

THEN, I got home, and guess what had arrived on my front door step? Did you guess? It was my Team Sparkle skirt for the race on Saturday, wheeee!!!!!

And, at work today, my Nike Tempo shorts were delivered! Suh-weet! So, about these Nike Tempo’s. I frequent a Health & Fitness board and A LOT of those ladies L-O-V-E these shorts. Meh, not me. I mean, I haven’t even run in them yet, but I don’t like the length. They are WAY to long, like half way to my knees and that is not cute. I don’t wear them at my waist {i don’t wear anything at my waist}. I wear them @ my hips, so maybe this is the reason they are so long? I don’t know. I rolled them up three times and now they are the perfect length. I’m going to run on the treadmill in a little bit so we’ll see how they work out. I ordered 2 pairs. If this pair is a no go then I’ll send the others back.

On to more important things: Coast to Coast Run 2011

Check this guy out. He is running from South Carolina to California for a great cause, “Freedom is Not Free” .

Night Ya’ll. Time to do homework for a few minutes, then *hopefully* bang out 5 miles while watching the Orlando Magic dominate the Chicago Bulls. Go Magic!


4 thoughts on “Christmas came early

  1. You had some awesome running gear shopping today!

    Are those the Nike shorts that were only about $12 with free shipping? I’ve got two pair on their way to my work as well…they should be here tomorrow!

    Have fun with the Jingle Bell run! 🙂

    • Yup, those are the $12 Nike shorts, kind of why I don’t mind keeping them even though I don’t love-love them. For $12/ea they can be back up shorts or something. They were pretty comfy, just long.

  2. What a great haul! My old TJ Maxx used to have awesome running clothes, but my new one rarely has anything. Kinda stinks. I have had to resort to Running Warehouse, but it just isn’t the same.

    Good luck at your 5K!

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