Y’know that Harvey Danger song, Flagpole Sitta, he says:

‘Paranoia, Paranoia
Everybody’s comin’ to get me”

Yah, that’s pretty much how I feel since our cars were broken into last week.

This morning as I was walking around the house getting the dogs in their beds and getting ready to leave for work I noticed a truck parked across the street from our house. I watched them for a few seconds to see what they were doing, then I went downstairs to ask my Dad if he knew them. He said he didn’t know who they were. We stood in the garage and watched them for a few minutes then I went upstairs to call the Sheriff’s office. I’m not playing around. These guys were getting fishing poles out of the truck.. Hm, there is really no where that they could fish that they can get to by foot around our house. Were they going to break into my house? Probably not, but after last week, I can’t trust anyone. Believe dat!

So, I called the Sheriff’s office and they sent someone out to check out the truck and try to find the guys. Oh, I forgot to add that they disappeared by time I got upstairs to call the Sheriff’s Dept. The Deputy said he would walk across the street into this field that leads to the water- but there is no where to fish. It’s just marshy wetland with a few little open spots.

I’m just not cool w/ them parking across the street from my house @ 8:30 in the morning. I’m leaving for work @ that time and I don’t need them knowing my schedule. It just totally freaked me out. Thankfully my Dad is home all day today so that makes me feel better.

Today is a XT day for me in my training plan. Whether or not I actually XT tonight is debatable. I didn’t wake up early enough this morning to do anything, plus, My dad’s apt is downstairs right under the living room. I do not think he would appreciate me bouncing around at 6:30am.

I finished one of my classes last night, phew. Now I’m on to the next class. This one is Healthcare Reimbursement, I am hoping that my prior knowledge and the fact that I deal w/ it every day will help me to do well in the class and finish quickly. ~fingers crossed~

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll


3 thoughts on “Paranoid

  1. I would be paranoid about the guys with fishing poles as well. Then again, I’m a weirdo who gets paranoid if anyone is anywhere near my house. We live in BFE, so there is no reason for anyone to even come close.

    One day as I got home from work another car was driving in front of me. He pulled into my driveway and I debated whether I should just drive past or follow him. I pulled in also, he turned around at the top before I got up there and then drove back out before I could get out of my car. In retrospect, that was probably stupid of me, but in my head I was all like “Get outta here! This is MY house!”

    Hope you can get some peace of mind soon!

  2. The whole time I was thinking the fishing poles were just a cover up. They were really scoping out my house to see when we weren’t home.. I’m a nut case sometimes.

    I hate turning around in peoples drive ways for that exact reason. I don’t want anyone to think I’m scoping out there house or anything.

    Since last week I feel weird running through my own neighborhood. Like, are all the neighbors watching me wondering If I’m the punk who stole their stuff and my running is just a ploy to scope out their houses..

    Sometimes my imagination runs away from me.

  3. I’m sure it’s hard not to be a little paranoid after the car incident – ug! Hopefully these fishing pole people weren’t actually creepers, but it’s so hard to know. Trust your instincts and stay safe. I can’t remember if I’ve asked you about this before, but maybe you could enlist Wyatt as a running buddy to help deteur people when you’re out running?

    I know my dog is still a bit too high strung for a normal run with me, but maybe when he gets older he’ll be more “mature” and calm – who knows?

    Congrats on finishing another class. Keep up the good work with school!

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