Dear School.

I hate you. I feel like I am making no progress. I’m wondering why in the world I thought this would be a good idea. I know I only have until Feb 9th and then I am done. That also scares me. I am wondering how I am ever going to finish by Feb 9th, and actually pass the last class. You are stressing me out. I know it’s my own fault for procrastinating until I couldn’t any longer. This usually works out best for me, not this time.

Thanks for nothing,

-a burned out life time student-

So, now that we got that little hate letter out of the way, want to see a picture.

Yay for pink stars! I know it looks red, but it’s pink, I promise. I’m still waiting for the limbs to drop on our tree before I put any more ornaments on it. I was WAY excited about this pink star and I could.not.wait to put it up! Wheee!

Want to see another one? LOLZ. Wyatt is not amused by this. I found some Reindeer antlers @ Joann Fabrics today. I am going to wear them in the Jingle Bell 5k that is planned for this coming Saturday. I asked Wyatt to hold still for 5 seconds so I could take a picture. He obliged. Then it turned into this:

bahahahah!   Diva was not having any of it. She wouldn’t hold still for .2 seconds, much less 5 seconds to take a picture.


Uhm, so tomorrow I have to get back on the running train. This 4 day weekend was filled with yummy, fattening food. Oy! I’m scared to get on the scale tomorrow, oh dear.

I also decided that I have to start running in the morning. There is just no other way I’m going to get my runs in. I refuse to sign up for another half marathon that I can not train for. I’m determined to run this half in March. Therefore, I need to be trained, which means, morning runs will happen. Oy!  — Tomorrow may be a treadmill run. We’ll see. My training plan says its a XT day, but honestly, I’m feeling so gross right now I think I need to run. Plus, I need to get rid of some stress. My brain is about to explode.

Good Night Ya’ll, If I’m going to run in the morning I better get to bed.


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